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Kilted skiers set world record
Sunday March 7, 2010 - Email this article to a friend

235 people came down the Scottish resort of Cairngorm in their kilts and it passed into the record books. It was the largest number of kilted skiers and snowboarders in any one place, at any one time.

It was quite a sight as over 200 skiers and snowboarders in kilts emerged from the mist and crossed the finish line being lead by pipes and drum.

They came down from the Ptarmigan Top Station to the base station cheered on by crowds of onlookers.

It was done as a PR stunt to celebrate the record levels of snow that Scotland has had this winter.

Pretty much the best anyone can remember.

But there is hardly likely to be another place on the planet, apart from Scotland, where 235 people in kilts happen to turn out for a day on the mountains.

The record then was assured.

But more importantly the event was enormous fun, a great laugh and raised money for charity and a schools skiing programme.

The weather gods were on the side of the kilted ones as it was quite mild, at +4, whereas just a few days earlier it had been well below freezing.

Enough to, er, damage a few sensitive and delicate parts of the body.

People came from far and wide to take part and become world record holders as the PlanetSKI video below shows.

A fun day outA fun day out













Though a bit chillyThough a bit chilly














For the spirit of the mountains

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Just to round it off there's a video report of skiing in Cairngorms too.

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