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Body of Swiss climber found on Everest
Thursday May 13, 2010 - Email this article to a friend

A team of sherpas clearing up mountain has recovered the remains of Uwe Goltz. He died 2 years ago after reaching the summit. More bodies are expected to be brought down by the group.

Goltz was making a documentary film and hs body has been found near the South Col at a height of 8,000m.

The sherpas are clearing the mountain of rubbish and debris and recovering bodies.

We reported on the expedition earlier on PlanetSKI.

They are hoping to discover the remains of the American, Scott Fisher, and the New Zealnd climber, Rob Hall.  Both of the men perished in 1996.15 people died that year, 8 in a single day.

300 people have died on Everest since it was conquered in 1953.

Around 1,000 people attempt to climb the mountain each year.

Goltz's body will be cremated at the foot of the mountain.

The sherpas are bringing down tents, ropes, oxygen bottles, litter, food containers and a host of other items that are simply left on the mountain by those trying to reach the summit.

They estimate they will take away up to 2 tons from the mountain.

As regards the corpses though many families wish for the bodies to be left on the mountain, but the authorities want them to be removed.

"We respect the sentiments of the family of anyone who has died on Everest," the lead sherpa, Namgyal,said to the BBC. "But it is a holy mountain and our government policy is clear - there should be no dead bodies on the mountain."

UPDATE** In the past few days strong winds have hampered the expedition according to this report on the BBC.

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