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A sheep in wolf's clothing
Friday September 10, 2010 - Email this article to a friend

This time the sheep may be frightening the wolf if a new device comes into production. It follows a dramatic rise in the number of wolves in The Alps.

The increasing number of wolves in the mountains of Switzerland  is alarming farmers as their animals suffer attacks.

We have reported here on PlanetSKI of the growing number of wolves across the mountains, in both the Alps and The Rockies, and the actions some farmers are taking to protect their cows and sheep.

Last month the authorities granted permission for a wolf to be shot in the Valais canton, but animal right organisations launched a protest and criticised the move.

Now it appears a new device is being developed for sheep in the alpine pastures that will frighten off the wolves.

It relies on them getting scared.

When the heart beat of the sheep rises to a certain level a device releases high-frequency ultrasound waves that the wolf can hear but not the sheep.

It may also set off bright flashing lights or a blast of repellent pepper spray.

For more information see the full details on Swiss Info.

It seems to be in its early stages of development but may be a solution to a problem that looks set to grow over the coming years as the wolf population increases.

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