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Crop Circles in the snow
Thursday February 3, 2011 - Email this article to a friend

Each winter they appear on the slopes of Les Arcs; intricate patterns in the snow that are best seen from afar. But what are they and how did they get there? The photos are extraordinary.

For several years strange geometric patterns have appeared in the snow in Les Arcs, France.

"The latest patterns are the largest I've seen, and are incredibly intricate," says PlanetSKI reader, Rob Rees. "They really have to be seen to be believed!"

They appear when the weather is fine and often during spells of prolonged good weather after a snowfall.














Dedication to his artWhere do they come from?







Patterns in the snowPatterns in the snow

















Apparently they are done by a British guy, Simon Beck, who lives in Les Arcs during the winter.

He's a keen snowshoe walker, we guess he'd need to be to do this for a hobby, and steps out these amazing patterns from time to time.

If you know him do ask him to contact us as we'd love to hear about why and how he does it.

And below are a few close-ups.

So how long did it take?So how long did it take?













Intricate patternsIntricate patterns














Slope artSlope art













Rob Rees runs the ski school, Inside out, that is a partner of PlanetSKI. They teach inside at the Hemel Hempstead Snow Centre and outside all over The Alps.

For the spirit of the mountains

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