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Emperor Penguin arrives in New Zealand
Tuesday June 21, 2011 - Email this article to a friend

Last June an Emperor Penguin got lost after going for a swim in Antarctica and has ended up in New Zealand by accident. The last sighting of one in the country was over 40 years ago. Check out the video of the lost penguin and its usual habitat.

The young penguin was spotted on a beach by a woman who was out walking her dog along the Kapiti shoreline in the North Island.

"I saw this glistening white thing standing up and I thought I was seeing things," said Christine Wilton.

It appears it went swimming in Antarctica and just kept going until it hit land.

It is 10 months old and 80cm tall and has attracted crowds of sightseers, and has been named "Morgan".

The people are being urged to keep their distance and make sure all dogs remain on a lead.

Conservationists are now debating what to do with "Morgan" but it appears they will just let nature take its course and hopefully it will swim back.

The last time an Emperor Penguin was spotted on the shores of New Zealand was in 1967.

And below is "home" - at this time of year it is extremely cold, dark and temperatures can drop to -70ºC.

Main photo of an emperor penguin courtesy of the photographer Samuel Blanc.

Picture : © Samuel Blanc /

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