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Waterfalls blown uphill
Thursday July 21, 2011 - Email this article to a friend

Severe weather in Australia is good news for the ski resorts as snow falls above 1,400m. In a strange spectacle the strong winds are causing waterfalls on the coast to be blown back upwards.

Storms have led to a few closure of ski resorts with some roads blocked and high winds causing lifts to be closed.

"Following a wintery couple of days all lifts and areas are expected to open again today," says a statement from Falls Creek on Thursday 21st

Over in Perisher the severe weather has had an impact too though skiing looks pretty good according to the video from the resort below.

The winds should drop in a few days time.

"From Tuesday next week, winds will ease and skies will clear creating excellent skiing conditions. Cold nights will bring good snow making potential," says the resort.

However the weather has produced strange conditions away formt he ski resorts. 

High winds gusting up to 120km/hr have led to 5m waves off the coast of southern Austalia and the winds have literally blown some waterfalls back up.

Check out the video here on the BBC that shows the phenomenon.

Australian ski resorts have had a record breaking start to their winter with high snowfalls though the poor exchange rate has the potential to harm visitor numbers.

We reported on the opening of the Australian resorts in June in this PlanetSKI story.

Wet and windy in Falls CreekWet and windy in Falls Creek











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