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Aspen closes early after poor snow
Friday April 13, 2012 - Email this article to a friend

The resort in Colorado is closing one week early after warm temperatures and a lack of snow. The resort regrets the decision but said it had little choice.

This weekend is the last one of skiing for the up-market US resort.

The conditions had been far from ideal and the news comes as little surprise to locals.

"Record warm temperatures and low snowfall, plus more sunny, warm days in the forecast drove the decision," said a statement on the resort web site.

It has not been a bumper season in Colorado.

The announcement of the early closure was made this week by the CEO of Aspen, Mike Kaplan, who has tried to put a positive spin on matters.

He made the announcement in a blog.

"I hate crossing seasons. I mean, I don't like skiing in the summer and I don't like surfing in the winter, it just feels wrong. Living in the Rockies, that means that November through April are for winter sports, total snow immersion and summer activities go May through October, a full 6 months of each. And I do mean a full season of each. I guess that's why I'm so unsettled by having to close Highlands a week early, it just disrupts the symmetry.

Obviously, I just need to get over it, because despite the super-human efforts of all the mountain crews, the heat, the wind, and the un-believably dry spring combined were a force that could not be stopped.

In the end, it comes down to respecting the mountains and listening to what they are telling you. It's not unlike knowing when to go into the backcountry and when to stay home. Skiing is about immersing yourself in the elements, and knowing when to push yourself and when to back off.

The mountains have spoken and we are listening. So its time to celebrate what was, and the spirit that everyone brought to the winter despite the unprecedented weather.

Every year is different, and while it's a little early to be getting out the bikes, we all made the most out of what we had and we can all appreciate the great times we shared on the mountain no matter what the weather was doing.

Thanks to all for persevering."

One look at the Buttermilk web camera shows why.

Bye bye winterBye bye winter












For the spirit of the mountains

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