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Village of Fucking keeps name
Sunday May 27, 2012 - Email this article to a friend

But thieves are still after the sign of the Austrian village. Three men trying to steal the sign have been caught red-handed. The village had tried to change its name but the move failed.

Last month the village was hitting the headlines as it tried to change its name to Fugging.

It was reported on the BBC, national newspapers in the UK and PlanetSKI.

Villagers were fed up with the attention it was receiving.

The bid failed as another town already has the same name.

Earlier this month three men from Germany, who were apparently drunk, were caught by police as they tried to steal the town's road sign.

They apparently bought special tools to try to dig it up.

The sign has been stolen 14 times and the latest village sign is dug deep into the ground.

A village spokesman said a bulldozer would be needed to get it out.

The name change failed as another Austria village is already called Fugging.

It too was called Fucking but changed its name over 100 years ago.

It is 200 miles away in Lower Austria.

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