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Protestors block Stansted
Friday November 21, 2008 - Email this article to a friend

54 protestors broke through airport security and distrupted flights

All flights to and from Stansted Airport were temporarily disrupted on Monday as climate action group Plane Stupid, broke through perimiter fencing at around 3am.

The runway, was due to open for its first flight at 6am, and it was closed for about two hours as a precaution, but reopened shortly after 8am.

The airport is used by many people heading out to the ski slopes of Europe.

Police said that they removed all the protestors, who were chained together and made 57 arrests.  It is believed that they were protesting against massive airport expansion in south east England, and wanted to draw attention to CO2 emmissions from the aviation industry.  Protestors were hoping to occupy the area for as long as possible.

Ryanair said it cancelled 52 flights from Stansted.

This has left many passengers stranded, and for some outgoing passengers delays of up to three days may be expected.

It is believed that the protestors broke through the airport permiter using bolt cutters.  They had brought concrete blocks and 6ft high security fencing with them, erected a stockade and then chained themselves to the fencing. The action was prompted by the governments go-ahead in October this year, to controversial plans to expand Stansted Airport.

For further information read this story on the BBC.

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