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Is there any snow at Sochi?
Wednesday January 29, 2014 - Email this article to a friend

It was the big fear for the Winter Olympics with snow stockpiled and huge snowmaking systems built. So what are conditions like? We hear from our reporters in Sochi.

We are pleased to say conditions, at the moment, look very good. 

In Sochi itself the palm trees are flapping in the breeze but up at the ski resorts in the mountains there is plenty of snow with more set to come.

There is a covering down to resort level with snow falling higher up on the slopes. The organisers are confident there will be enough snow

The head of Russia's Hydrometeorological Center says enough snow has fallen this year in the southern resort that officials are confident there will be no difficulty with alpine events or complaints about the quality of the powder on the ground.

"The weather for the upcoming week at all the Olympic venues will be just wonderful. Enough snow has fallen, the situation is completely relaxed. Nature has given us everything we need," said the head of Russia's Hydrometeorological Center, Roman Vilfand.

Last weekend yet more snow fell and then the weather cleared to turn into a bright blue ski day on Saturday, February 1st.

If anything the concerns are for too much snow and poor visibility.

Its looking goodIt's looking good













Enjoying some Sochi powderEnjoying some Sochi powder













One of our reporters is at Gorky Park where the cross-country events take place. He arrived last week.

"The snow has been falling intermittently all day, Wednesday, from 1,200m up. We had rain coming in and then that would turn to snow again, break, and then do it again.

It's been a wet and snowy day digging snow and carting stuff around in piste bashers.

When I arrived the other day everything was washed out down in Gorky Park but up at 1,200m they had 1m of snow and presumably more and more the higher you go."

If anything the authorities may have a problem with too much snow and more is forecast.

For the moment it looks good.

The image below is of Team GB athletes, Jamie Nicholls, Hamish McKnight, Euan Baxter and Billy Morgan, checking out the slopestyle course.

Photo c/o Pat SharplesPhoto c/o Pat Sharples













While the British snowboarder Ben Kilner has just posted the image below as he flew into Sochi.

Looks like snow in the mountains.

Flying into SochiFlying into Sochi

















The two images below come from in, and around, the athlete villages in the mountain areas.

Snow at SochiSnow at Sochi













Looking goodLooking good













"There's very little snow at the bottom of the mountain, but there's almost too much up the mountain. One of my colleagues said it was up to his neck outside one of the mountain venues at the weekend. There's some more snow forecast for the next few days," said another of our PlanetSKI readers who is working at the Winter Olympics.

It seems none of the snow stored, and preparations made, will be needed. We reported on the plans here on PlanetSKI.

Lets hope they will not be needed.

At the last Winter Games in Vancouver there were big problems with helicopters flying in extra snow as we reported at the time back in 2010.

But, just in case, help is on hand...

For the spirit of the mountains

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