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Bach in Norway as Oslo Olympic bid stalls
Tuesday May 20, 2014 - Email this article to a friend

The President of the IOC was in the country ahead of the 2016 Lillehammer Winter Youth Olympic Games. On many minds though were the PR benefits the visit might bring to the Oslo 2022 bid.

He met King Harald of Norway, IOC members, Olympic athletes and politicians including the Norwegian Culture Minister, Thorhild Widvey.

The visit received widespread publicity as the Oslo bid for the 2022 Games appears to be loosing public support.

It had been seen as one of the front-runners but public support seems to be falling as we reported in this PlanetSKI story when one of the parties in the coalition government refused support the necessary financial guarantees for any bid.

A recent poll found that 60% of the population opposed Oslo holding The Winter Games. Only 35% supported the bid - significantly less then the previous poll.

Critics say that the Olympics is portrayed as a festival for the local people but in Norway the majority of people don't actually want it.

With other countries having their doubts too and some other cities, notably Munich and Barcelona, dropping out in the early stages it has raised questions over the bidding process for 2022.

However the IOC said the visit of Thomas Bach was arranged long before the doubts over Oslo and it was nothing to do with trying to gain support for Oslo.

It was though on everyone's minds and was the main angle most of the Norwegian media followed.

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