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Wednesday February 24, 2016 - Email this article to a friend

There are videos and then there are videos. See here as we look at some of the most innovative and ones, er, those less so. UPDATED

Skiers and snowboarders seems to have an on-going obsession to film themselves in action on the slopes.

The internet has been saturated with Go-Pro footage showing ski-tips and ski-gloved hands bearing ski poles going down snowy and not so snowy ski slopes.

And if its not been headcam shots, we have also been inundated with footage of skiers and snowboarders using selfie sticks, where we simply see endless footage of heads and shoulders and sometimes knees.

Most of it is somewhat dull as we neither get to see the skiers skiing properly nor do we get to see the views and surrounding terrain.

A not so exciting video using a selfie stick.

Examples of headcam videos like the one below of ski tips and gloved hands are prolific, though this one does show some rather nice snow.

However some of the footage has been exceptionally good like the new Candide Thovex video "One of those days - 3".

Ok, this one is a real exception as it has been meticulously planned, choreographed and edited by professionals.

And really, ALL Candide has had to do is ski it through to the end.

I don't think we don't mind seeing Candide's ski tips in this one.

Within 24 hours the video got 1,438,465 hits ... and counting .. on You Tube.

We guess you could call that 'going viral'.

More recently people have been experimenting with techniques and materials.

There has been some innovative filming with the great images and filming such as the technique used in the i-phone 6 centrifuge video created by Nicholas Vuignier.

Forget the headcam and the selfie stick, this was done by spinning a camera overhead on a wire.

His film took 2 years to make.

It was a fantastic video and within two weeks it has had 3,446,529 hits on Youtube.

That's viral.

See here for an earlier story on Nicholas Vuignier.

Moving on, we've just found this video from Ski Utah using 360degree video technology.

We've not seen any previous ski footage using this technolgy, so we think this must be a first.

This video puts you into a tiny bubble and its shot from above your head.

Watching it makes you feel as though you're in a washing machine.

Depending where the camera is placed there is an impression of tunnel vision or a spin cycle.

Whilst it makes you feel a little dizzy, it is still a lot of fun.

We wonder if this novel filming technique will take off too, in the same way as conventional headcams and selfie sticks?

This film from Ski Utah was launched at the same time as the Candide Thovex film but in contrast it has had 96 views to date.

We wonder if this one will go viral too?

Now this video technology is even more exciting as it genuinely offers the viewer a 360 degree view of the terrain, where you, the viewer can select what you want to see.

Simply place your cursor on the screen and drag it round to see whats going on around the skier.

You need to view this video on your laptop or desk top computer. You cannot get the full effect on a mobile phone or tablet.

There's an even more spectacular version of this type of 360 interactive video by the fantastic video photographer  Seb Montaz on his facebook page.

Its Fabulous... and as Sebastian says in his video "Ooh la la magnifique".

Then there's Virtual Reality.

The Tour Operator Neilson harnessed this technology at the 2015 London Ski Show.

By standing on a pad, wearing a headset and holding on to a pair of ski poles for balanace and stability, you were instantly transported to ski slopes.

With a fan blowing in your face, you got the sensation you were actually there in the mountains.

The video below IS what we saw at the Ski Show.

As with the video above you need to watch it on your laptop or desktop for its full effect.

See here for the PlanetSKI blog with more information.

Coming back down to earth and reality, here's one of our Editors favourites, Go-Pro Afterglow - Night Skiing.

This one has been carefully planned and choreographed too.

The skiers in this video wear LED light suits.

The backdrop are the mountains in Alaska strewn with massive coloured lights, carefully placed for maximum impact. 

And its stunning.

Its a relatively old video published on 1st November 2014.

But over the last 16 months its been popular too with 1,000,877 views to date on YouTube.

See here for the main PlanetSKI news page with all the latest stories from the world of snowsports.

For the spirit of the mountains

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