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Alain Baxter thanks supporters
Tuesday March 1, 2016 - Email this article to a friend

The ex-GB racer has thanked people supporting a campaign to get his 2002 Olympic bronze medal back. It has provoked much reaction on our Facebook page. UPDATED

"There were a few articles in the news last week about the petition to officially restore my Salt Lake City Olympic bronze medal, it's really humbling to read all the comments. I just wanted to take the opportunity to say thank you to everyone for all their support," he said on Facebook at the weekend.

It follows a number of newspaper articles and a growing social media petition.

The SNP MP, Drew Hendry, has written to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the UK Government calling for them to reopen the case.

Two years ago there was a 5,500-name petition calling on the IOC to reinstate the bronze medal Baxter won in the slalom at the 2002 Winter Games in Salt Lake City; we reported on it at the time.

Alain Baxter won a bronze in the slalom at The Games on the final day. 

PlanetSKI's James Cove was in the crowd watching.

"It was an amazing moment as the Highlander took bronze in what was the best performance by a British skier at the Winter Olympics. Those of us there will never forget the moment," said our content editor, James Cove.

Baxter in the gatesBaxter in the gates












Baxter takes bronzeBaxter takes bronze












However a subsequent drugs test revealed he had a banned drug, metamphetamine, in his blood.

It came from a Vicks nasal inhaler that he had bought over the counter in the USA to treat a blocked nose. 

The drug has no influence on performance and is not present in the European version of the product that Baxter had used in the past.

The Court for Arbitration in Sport later cleared his name, but the medal was never returned.

For more details on the latest campaign see here.

1,000 people have added their name in recent weeks.

Among those who have commented on Facebook include the Austrian racer who came 4th in the race, Kilian Albrecht.

"It is yours because you own it and you did not cheat. He was clean and they could proof it, his name was cleared but they still stripped his medal. Not fair!! I know it was in 2002 but they still open samples from 2006 to find the real cheaters!! Why not doing something right here too!!!!!! Is there a chance to open the case again?? Probably not. At least nobody can take away the memories you had at the awards and at the finish and you can be sure that most of us that were in the race know who really won that bronze medal. It was you Alain and you can be proud of it!!!!"

Alain Baxter currently runs a boot fitting shop in Stirling, Scotland.

More recently he has taken up Ice Cross Downhill - see here for a PlanetSKI report on his new adrenalin rush.

Alain BaxterAlain Baxter















Though it is not without risks - he broke his ribs earlier this season.

Ice cross downhillIce Cross Downhill















Meanwhile we have had much comment on the matter over on the PlanetSKI Facebook page:

Peter Lewis There was no intention to cheat and experts agree the tiny amount of metamphetamine would not have been performance enhancing. I think Baxter won the medal fair and square. But as doping becomes more of a problem in sport, the IOC will not wish to be seen as condoning ANY banned substance.

Alan Hemming No.

AJ Johnson Sorry Alain, but no. Stupidity is not a legitimate excuse for a full time Pro.

Nigel Smith No question! Of course! And AJ get your facts before you comment! Or dont comment thanx!

Carol Garvie Yes, he certainly does! He did not cheat and It is time to reunite him with his medal. He is an incredible athlete and deserves his place in history.

John Horsburgh Yes, very much so.

Lesley Gash Totally.

Ralph Watson There was never any doubt he did it on pure merit & guts - a bag of Jelly Babies has more power energy than a Vicks inhaler FFS !!

Steven Gray
100% he deserves it back.
There was no intention to cheat.
Alain gained no advantage as Levmethamphetamine is not a stimulant....See More

Sacha Zog Zvegintzov 100%. Let's not forget it was the last race of the olympics and the sample was tested by a different testing team in LA and to a far higher spec than all other athletes. Let's also remember FIS and the CAS cleared him.

Maureen Kick Definitely!

Rachel Davidson Absolutely!! They really couldn't cope with a British Guy doing so well.

Jacqui Clark He absolutely deserves his medal back!

Hugh Pelling Yes 100%

Roger Coxall Yes,yes,yes

Lindsay Durno 100%

Konrad Bartelski YES - he did not take a stimulant - just something that is molecularly related. And as well the test was different to most other Alpine athletes because they had closed down the testing machine on site. So Alain was cheated of the medal he won fair and square.

Elaine Campbell-Dyke yes 100%

Ali MacLeod 100% yes

Kenneth McIntyre It should never have been taken off him. He tested positive for the inactive form of methamphetamine which was in an inhaler

Lyndsey Dickson Absolutely

Sherie Walker YES

Ali Smith Yes completely!!

Dave Baxter Yes ! 100%

Dianne Frazer YES!!

Alan Mugga Muston Drugs are drugs.
No 2 ways about it

Gregor GB Brearley Yes & without any shadow of doubt!

To the haters and the doubters - Alain was cleared by FIS & CAS, no question over his integrity as a world class athlete....See More

Roger Anderson Definitely yes!

Frank Reardon Yes

Anna Milne 100% Yes !

Jock McGuff You better believe it. One of the most genuine people you will ever have the pleasure of meeting. And that goes for all the Baxter's. πŸΌπŸΌπŸΌβ›·πŸ’πŸš΄πŸ»πŸ…

Robin May It is his

Donald Fleming Give the guy his medal! He deserves it. Period. The test results are dubious, and it's too late to test again. Give him the medal he deserves!

Donald Fleming I believe an Canadian snowboarder suffered a similar fate in 2002. His name was Ross Powers, and he tested high (no pun intended) for pot. Clearly a performance enhancing drug...

See here for the main PlanetSKI news page with all the latest stories from the world of snowsports.

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