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Wednesday January 4, 2017 - Email this article to a friend

A young boy fell from a chairlift in the Utah resort of Sundance and was left dangling. The straps on his rucksack saved him from falling further. It is the second such incident this season in the resort. NEW

The boy was rescued as the ski patrol put a mat from around a nearby pylon to cushion him should he fall.

They then brought in a ladder and rescued him by pulling him back onto the chairlift.

See here for a video of the incident shot by a passing skier, Clint Ashmead.

It is the second such incident at Sundance, a resort owned by the film star Robert Redford.

Last month, a boy skiing at Sundance Resort went through a more dangerous ordeal.

His backpack got stuck on a ski lift as he was trying to get off.

A race against  time ensued as the rescue services tried to reach him before he fell.

It was all caught on camera:


"People get caught up in chairlifts with backpacks and even ski jackets and ski poles and helmets. It does happen."

"It's a good idea to check your backpack, move around a little bit, make sure you aren't caught up on anything before you do unload," said Czar Johnson, Director of Mountain Operations at Sundance, to local media.

"The lift operators will strongly encourage them to take it off," continued Johnson.

"Ideally, when you do that you would take it off and put it in front of you and put your arms through it in front so your backpack is sitting on your chest," he added.

The resort says the two accidents coming close together is just co-incidence and the resort is not to blame for either of the accidents.

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