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Paralympic medalist Kadeena Cox has had her UK Sport funding pulled as she takes part in Channel 4’s The Jump.

The two-time medalist at the 2016 Rio games, Kadeena Cox, is among several athletes participating in the 2017 winter sports television show.

She brought home titles in Paralympic cycling and track events.

British Athletics has suspended Cox's funding due to the risks involved in participating in The Jump.

Other athletes include double Olympic Taekwondo champion Jade Jones and gymnast Louis Smith, who has who bronze and two silver Olympic medals.

Recently retired cyclist Sir Bradley Wiggins will also be taking part in the various winter sports programme that is to start airing on Channel 4 in February.

See here for our story on all the competitors taking part.

Kadeena CoxKadeena Cox















Though the governing bodies of the other GB athletes have expressed concern, they have not had their funding pulled.

"Due to the nature of the activities on the show, the athlete cannot continue to be supported by the World Class Performance Programme (WCPP) during this time," British Athletics told the BBC.

Kadeena has reacted to the news via Twitter:

B4 judging my decisions ppl should imagine living life as a ticking time bomb. MS has changed my outlook on life, so I'm gonna enjoy skiing.

British Cycling on the other hand, seems to fully support Kadeena in her skiing and television endeavours:

"Kadeena enjoyed a fantastic 2016, making history by winning Paralympic gold in both athletics and cycling, and we respect her decision to take some time away from the sport to pursue the opportunities that her success has afforded her."

Kadeena celebrating with her family after her wins last yearKadeena celebrating with her family after her wins last year















The previous series of The Jump has seen many injuries.

Gymnast Beth Tweddle suffered two fractured vertebrae and champion swimmer Rebecca Adlington dislocated her shoulder.

"The Jump is the most dangerous programme on TV, but I like danger! ... I believe you should do things that scare you, otherwise what do you live for?" said Eastender's star Sid Owen who has taken part.

Sid OwenThe Jump 2016
















"Kadeena is probably getting more money doing The Jump than from all of her funding," said Rebecca Adlington in support of Kadeena.

Though she supports Cox's decision, despite the swimmer suffering from an injury herself, there has been some concerns raised by sportsmen.

The Delhi 2010 Commonwealth Games heptathlon champion, Louise Hazel, who finished second in the 2015 TV series after retiring from athletics has expressed her "surprise" that current athletes have decided to compete.

"As an athlete you are always looking for the next thrill but I would advise them to withdraw," she told BBC Radio 5Live.

"For those athletes who have retired it is OK to take a risk, but for those still in sport this could easily turn into a career-ending injury.

The JumpA shot from The Jump's bobsleigh event













Following her wins in Brazil last year, Cox spoke about her future as an athlete with multiple sclerosis:

"I don't know how much more time as an athlete I have - by Tokyo 2020 I might not even be in a position to take part in one event."

See below Kadeena Cox winning her gold on track:

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