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4 RESORTS IN A DAY - Katie Bamber
Wednesday February 8, 2017 - Email this article to a friend

PlanetSKI's Katie Bamber has been travelling through Sestriere, Claviere, Montgenèvre and Serre Chevalier. If you are there for half term you could be in for a treat; it's snowing! NEW

The resorts in the Milky Way that straddle France and Italy have seen some good snow in recent days.

The first lift in Sestriere up and over towards the Monti Della Luna mountains and the resort of Claviere showed steady and heavy snowfall.

Visibility was pretty poor but the just sub-zero temperatures and lack of wind means it is settling nicely.

The snow was the same down in Sestriere town.

Down in the resort of SestriereDown in the resort of Sestriere
















Through the small resort town of Cesana, part of the Milky Way ski area, the conditions were the similar but slightly warmer.

















A local bus through the mountain passes through Claviere shows much of the same weather:

Snow falling, but warming up slightly into low positive figures nearing the French border.

















Over the border from Italy's Claviere into France and Montgenèvre showed the roads cleared from snow, piled up on the side - literally on the border line. A true cliché...

In the resort town of Montgenèvre the temperature at 1° was a little warm but there was no fresh snow falling.

Through the city of Briançon and up to Serre Chevalier resort the weather stayed much the same on the French side.

Cloudy with low light and no snow falling (though it was during the morning of 8th February), but with plenty on the ground.

Snow is forecast for the evening and through the night of 8th February.

Serre ChevalierVilleneuve, Serre Chevalier
















And having arrived in Serre Chevalier I wil be be bringing you a report from the village later.

Let it snow!

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