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Switzerland's biggest ski area, the 4 Valleys, offers a VIP coaching experience that goes beyond the usual private tuition to give you the ultimate lesson. NEW

"It was just like he said: we never repeated one single slope, improved our skiing technique, and enjoyed the spectacular mountain sceneries. We'll be back - no question about that."

The VIP ski day is fully dedicated to you.

You make up the program from A to Z.

The instructor will meet you wherever you wish and once on the slopes you discover the region's secret spots lead by local instructors.

Need a technical advice?

Don't worry, just ask you ski teacher and he will be pleased to give you some tips.

Included in the VIP lesson:

6 hours of teaching
Choice of instructor
Video coaching upon request
Priority pass on given lifts

4 Valleys view4 Valleys view















Here's a report from one happy VIP ski lesson customer:

The skiing region of 4 Vallées surrounding Nendaz and Veysonnaz is unique in Switzerland - and so are the skiing lessons taught by Genika Hulliger.

Never before has a skiing instructor greeted us in the lobby of our hotel.

This makes for a special day. Genika is just as excited.

"We are heading out to an incredibly large skiing region with spectacular slopes". Well then, off we go!"

Fast uphill, even faster down

Our trip high up to the Mont Fort peak doesn't leave us time for boredom.

As VIP guests, we are given priority on many of the lifts.

Standing in line is yesterday's story.

After arriving at the top at an elevation of 3,330m, Genika presents the fantastic panorama to us.

4 Valleys4 Valleys










The majestic peaks right in front of us are the first you see mentioned in any Swiss travel guide, amoung them are The Matterhorn and Mont Blanc.

And for the skiing?

We're about to find out if we really are the advanced skiers we said we were.

The slope leading to the Col des Gentianes is too steep to be groomed by a snowcat and is riddled with enormous bumps.

Without Genika we would have hesitated to ski it...

Highlight upon highlight

We try some new excitement: the Piste de l'Ours near Veysonnaz for instance, famous for its beauty and numerous world cup races.

There's endless off-piste to ski.

To cool off after all this adrenalin rush, we try out some of the gentler slopes and call it a morning to relax in one of the very good restaurants.

More skiing and an end-of-day drink with Genika...

End of day in 4 ValleysEnd of day in 4 Valleys















To see more of the beautiful ski area, check out the website here.

Book the VIP activity day here.

See here for more on why you should visit the 4 Valleys and its neighbouring resort of Verbier.

See here for the main PlanetSKI news page with all the latest stories from the world of snowsports.

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