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PERFECT V FOR VICTORY - James Rampton, Sitting in front of the TV
Sunday March 12, 2017 - Email this article to a friend

Channel 4's celebrity TV series The Jump concludes as former Made In Chelsea star Spencer Matthews beats Olympian Louis Smith in the final jump-off and wins the coveted Cowbell.

Looking back on his time on The Jump, Channel 4's ridiculously compelling celebrity winter sports show, the comedian Mark Dolan reflected that, "It's like a strange holiday, where you are on holiday with Caprice and Bradley Wiggins."

The stand-up hit the nail on the head.

The weird appeal of the show is the gleeful incongruity of watching people famous for something completely different hurl themselves downhill with reckless abandon.

A Reality TV star chucking themselves down the skeleton bob course like a pinball on speed?

Coming right up.

This immensely enjoyable series came to a conclusion on Sunday night with a final live from Innsbruck, featuring the triple whammy of snow cross, ski cross and ski jumping.

Even though her volume dial appears permanently turned up to 11, presenter Davina McCall clearly relishes this gig, and last night she came up with some sharp lines.

Commenting, for instance, on the return of Lydia Bright, who replaced rugby player Gareth Thomas after he had withdrawn for personal reasons, McCall exclaimed: "She's an Essex girl, which means the future is both bright and orange."

Olympic gymnast Louis Smith won both the snow cross and the ski cross with almost embarrassing ease.

He is such a natural athlete that he makes every sport look annoyingly effortless.

He could probably ski for Great Britain at the next Winter Olympics.

However, Spencer Matthews stunned everyone by out-leaping Smith in the final event, the ski jump.

Perfect V - Victory!Perfect Vs - Victory!




















Forming his skis into the classic V shape in the air, thus giving himself more hang time, Matthews triumphed with an extraordinary jump of 18.98m, beating former EastEnders star Sid Owen's record along the way.

Matthews stunned everyone by out-leaping Smith - Winning Jump!Matthews stunned everyone by out-leaping Smith - Winning Jump!















With characteristic chutzpah - which has definitely become more charming and less cringe-inducing as the series has gone on - Matthews concluded that: "Money can't really buy this sort opportunity.

"You're looking at a future Olympian."

Yes, critics might complain that the show is irredeemably naff.

But to its enormous credit, The Jump does two things very well.

First, it underlines how courageous the celebrities are to take part in events that most of us would run a mile from.

Before the final jump, the commentator Graham Bell rightly pointed out that, "I can't stress how scary it is to sit on the bar at the top of the ski jump."

Second, the show succeeds very well in conveying the sheer joy of being in the mountains, a sentiment very close to PlanetSKI's heart.

At one point, Thomas looked round at his gorgeous snowy surroundings and mused that, "It's a beautiful day to be alive."

As the end credits rolled on the series finale, you half expected Matthews to be played out to an adaptation of a Rolling Stones hit: "Jumpin' Spenny Flash, he's a gas, gas, gas."

Instead, after receiving his victors' cowbell, the former Made in Chelsea star celebrated underneath a lavish fireworks display by doing a funny kind of cod-Austrian folk dance.

It was the perfect, entertaining, silly ending to a perfect, entertaining, silly show.

Spencer Matthews' winning Jump.... one more time.


Spencer Matthews receives the Giant Cowbell trophy.


#TheJump girls -preparing for the Final 2017#TheJump Girl Power - preparing for the Final 2017
















Snowcross Final line upSnowcross Final line up











Snowcross - 7 finalists get cross togetherSnowcross - 7 Finalists getting cross together... boys in the lead















#TheJump Finalists in training #TheJump Finalists in training













Facing #TheJumpFacing the final Jump




















Was it something we said?Was it something we said?
















Graham Bell, Davina McCall & Robbie Fowler .. having a laugh!Graham Bell, Davina McCall & Robbie Fowler .. having a laugh!













Davina & Warren Smith (Snowsports Trainer)Davina McCall & Warren Smith (Trainer - Warren Smith Academy)


















And its gute nacht from The JumpAnd its 'Gute Nacht' from The Jump





















The Jump with all its silly innuendo and humour... until next year!

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