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Saturday March 18, 2017 - Email this article to a friend

A new world record of 227.720km/h has been set on a mountain bike, on snow. The event took place on the Chabrières speed track in Vars, France on a track more associated with Speed Skiing than mountain bikes. NEW & UPDATED

We love all snow sporting achievements and this one is no exception.

56-year-old Eric Barone, also known as the Red Baron, broke the world speed record on a mountain bike on snow in Vars, France.

It's official, he is the fastest man on a mountain bike on snow reaching 227.720km/h (141.498mph), breaking his own speed record of 2015.

The event took place on Saturday 18th March in the ski area of Vars on the Chabrières speed track.

The conditions on the track were quite tricky as the recent variations in temperature affected the quality of snow on the terrain.

Dressed in his red rubberised streamlined suit complete with a Darth Vader styled areordynamic helmet, akin to speed skiing clothing, the Red Baron launched himself down the mountain.

There was no pedalling involved.

He simply freewheeled down the mountain, accelerating with gravity.

It seems he is getting faster with age.

Back in 2015, at the age of 54, Barone reached the speed of 223.30km/h (138.752mph), only just beating his earlier record in Les Arcs in 2000 where he reached 222,22 km/h (138.08mph).

Vars is one of the ski areas where the annual FIS Speed Skiing championships take place, so the area is set up for hosting 'speeding' events.

Here's the video of Eric Barone with his team helping him set off from the top of the mountain in Vars on Saturday.


Here's the official video of Eric Barone breaking the world record below - not a wobble in sight.. until the last few metres.

Eric Barone setting off (photo: Facebook Jedrzej Dobrowolski)Eric Barone setting off (photo: Facebook Jedrzej Dobrowolski)















Eric Barone setting off (photo: Twitter)Eric Barone setting off (photo: Twitter)












Eric Barone setting off in Vars (photo: Alban Pernet Photographiste)Eric Barone setting off in Vars (photo: Facebook Alban Pernet Photographiste)















Eric Barone racing down the slope in VarsEric Barone racing down the slope in Vars















Eric Barone in Vars - 18th March 2017 (Photo: Facebook/ Richard Bond)Eric Barone in Vars - 18th March 2017 (Photo: Facebook/ Richard Bord)




















Here is the Red Baron setting the record at 223.30kmh (138mph) back in 2015, on the same slope in Vars.

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Max Stöckl reached 167.6kph on the gravel - See more here in the section dated 10th February 2017.

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