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Just over a year ago, Britain's best freeride snowboarder, Sascha Hamm, suffered an horrific crash while competing at the Freeride World Tour. He's given a revealing interview.

Sascha Hamm has not and may not ever fully recover.

The fact that Sascha Hamm is still here to talk about what happened in Austria on 9th March 2016 is little short of a miracle.

He was helicoptered off the mountain with multiple serious injuries after his fall at Fieberbrunn in Austria.

He had half-backflipped off a 100-ft cliff and landed on rocks. 

PlanetSKI reported on the accident and an avalanche at the same event.

Sascha Hamm wins FWT Vallnord Arcalis Jan 2016Sascha Hamm wins a FWT event in January 2016




















Among Hamm's injuries were 10 broken ribs, a collapsed lung, a broken collarbone and shoulderblade, and severely damaged nerves in his spine.

It is possible that some of the physical damage may be permanent.

He still has no movement in his left hand and it is unclear whether he will ever be able to use it.  He also has a frozen shoulder.

Hamm has given a frank and lengthy interview for an action sports podcast in which he talks about the accident, the treatment he's undergone and his desire to return to snowboarding and to competition at the FWT if possible.

But the interview goes much further. 

He speaks about the massive avalanche in 2008 that nearly killed him and other close calls he's had in the backcountry.

His attitude to safety and risk may well shock you.

It is a fascinating listen. 

The interview was carried out by Matt Barr, a snowboarder and author, who has known Hamm for years.

There is so much to cover that he has split the interview into two separate podcasts entitled "Dealing With Catastrophe".

You'll need to set some time aside.

You can listen to them here:



Sascha Hamm - photo Freeride World TourSascha Hamm - photo Freeride World Tour















You can hear more of Matt Barr's action sports podcasts -  including interviews with ex-pro snowboarder and Ski Sunday presenter Ed Leigh, and the Oscar winning snowboarder and documentary filmmaker Orlando von Eisendel - on his website We Are Looking Sideways.

This footage shows Sascha Hamm's winning run in the first FWT event of the season in January 2016, two months before his accident:


PlanetSKI spoke to Hamm in November 2015 as he looked forward to the FWT coming up.

This is what he said at the time: "It is a hobby to a certain extent and it is not the be all and end all of my life, but I have been on the Tour for two years now and got some proper results. I am capable, I'm fit enough and I want to win it this season. How cool would that be for a Brit to win it? Above all I just need to try to avoiding crashing but I can't help just going for it."

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