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An Abu Dhabi firm is planning to tow icebergs from Antarctica to the UAE as early as 2018 to harvest them for drinking water.

The National Advisor Bureau Limited company plans to provide a new source of freshwater for the region by towing icebergs from Antarctica to the coast of the eastern emirate of Fujairah. 

An average iceberg can hold up to 20 billion gallons of fresh water.

It seems that Abdullah Mohammad Sulaiman Al Shehi's firm has already mapped the transportation route and variables of the scheme through a simulator.

Al Shehi told Gulf News that it would take a year to transport the load and the company planned to begin the project in 2018. 

The journey is estimated at 12,600km.

Icebergs typically take a long time to melt, as around 80 per cent of their overall mass usually remains underwater, while the exposed white ice above reflects sunlight and thus heat, reducing the amount of water that evaporates.

“We want it mainly for the water. It could also be good for tourism and the weather,” Al Shehi was quoted as saying.

Icebergs could create micro-climates in the region and bring rain to the arid landscape.

Read more in Gulf News here  

We imagine that such a project could cost enormous amounts of money and wonder if those funds should be channelled into desalination projects instead.

Now if it wasn't for the fact that we are now at the start of the month of May, we would think that this might be an April Fool.

The video below gives a little more information on the project.

There are some English subtitles further into the video of the Emirates Iceberg Project:

Iceberg ProjectIceberg Project




















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