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Last December Jamie Mullner fell into a crevasse in Switzerland falling 18m into a deep, icy void. A video has just been released but does it glorify the incident?

Jamie Mullner was skiing off piste on a glacier with a group of friends when he fell into a deep crevasse.

The group of skiers and snowboarders was aware that there were crevasses in the area, but they disregarded the danger and decided to continue down the glacier.

The crevasse cracks in the terrain can be disguised by layers of snow so that they are hard to identify from above.

His GoPro was on and recording, so the entire episode was caught on film.

The company has just released the edited video, but some think the edit underplays the gravity of the situation.

He comments in the video "I'm quite far down... Yeah I'm gonna need quite a lot of help to get out".

It seems that he landed on a ledge some 60 feet (around 18m) into the crevasse and while waiting to be rescued he managed to remove his GoPro to film some of the ice walls surrounding him.

Watch Jamie Mullner in the crevasse.

He was in good spirits when he turned his GoPro towards his face for the ultimate selfie ... in a crevasse.

It is unclear just how deep this crevasse was as some can be extremely deep. 

He sensibly decided to stay still in case he fell deeper into the void.

His group was equipped with walkie-talkies and so communication was maintained until he was rescued.

It is unclear what off piste safety equipment he had or whether he had a harness on - essential if you are skiing in glaciated terrain.

A helicopter with a team of rescuers arrived and Jamie was slowly winched to safety.

Signs of a crevasseSigns of the crevasse












Jamie Mullner in the crevasseJamie Mullner in the crevasse














Jamie winched to safetyRescued - Jamie winched to safety














However questions are raised about the safety of skiing out of bounds on a glacier.

The terrain is deliberately cordoned off as it is deemed unsafe.

But what should you do?

"Never ski in glaciated terrain unless you are an expert with detailed local knowledge or with a mountain guide, it is as simple as that," said PlanetSKI editor, James Cove. 

"People not only put their own lives in danger but those of their friends who may try to help and the rescue services that have the job of finding them."

"It is an interesting video, released by GoPro, but it seems to celebrate the fact he had a GoPro camera with him rather than the extremely dangerous situation he put himself in.  One would imagine he had a hefty rescue bill to pay which may or may not be covered by his insurance."

"He is one extremely luckier skier and the danger he put himself in was entirely preventable."

An understatement!An understatement!













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