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THE SEASON DOWN UNDER: IT'S ON - Katie Bamber, Senior News Reporter
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A snow storm's a brewing in New Zealand following a battering last week in many resorts. And it's falling NOW over in Oz.UPDATED





Tuesday 18th July

Mt Hutt is experiencing it's best conditions in four seasons.

The storm that hit last week on Tuesday 11th July dropped 50cm by Wednesday afternoon with the intensity of snow falling at 2cm per hour.

67cm was recorded by Thursday with access road and snow clearing issues.

By the weekend the storm lifted and it was a blue-sky powder day.

Mt Hutt powder dayMt Hutt powder day

Mt Hutt Monday 17th July

The snow is due to hit big again towards the end of the week through Saturday.

The Remarkables resort is looking at showers of snow at the start of this week, picking up to peak on Friday.

There has been frustration, however, as the heavy snow that fell last week caused a fair amount of closures and access issues in many resorts.

Treble Cone received fresh snow over the weekend, with 40cm of powder in 24 hours on Monday 17th.

Skiing and riding was so popular that the carparks were at capacity.

At least it's a better problem to the beginning of the season, with the scary slow start...

Treble Cone last weekTreble Cone last week

Top conditionsTreble Cone's early birds - Monday morning


Australia's resorts are getting there, too:

The New South Wales resorts of Charlotte Pass and Perisher have got a sound 5cm in the last 24 hours and it's still falling.

PerisherTuesday's ski day in Perisher

Thredbo's 3-day forecast:

Falls Creek and Hotham in Victoria have got double, with 10cm in 24 hours.

Falls Creek has now opened up its summit.

Falls CreekFalls Creek after the weekend


Light snow is to fall in resorts in Victoria through the week, clearing up on Thursday.

Today's, Tuesday 18th, ski day at Mt Buller:

Tuesday 11th July

It's arrived; the big, awaited storm and it's brought snow to New Zealand ski resorts.

Here's footage so far of the storm that set in on Tuesday morning. There's much more to come...

Mt Hutt is expecting around 70cm from this hit that started Tuesday morning, storming through to Friday.

Mt Hutt - the road from Scotts Saddle Mt Hutt - the road from Scotts Saddle road clearing
















Remarkables: The storm's a brewing and mother nature is spewingRemarkables: The storm's a brewing and mother nature is spewing
















Monday 10th July

The story has changed for New Zealand and Australia.

It was a slow start to the winter ski season but now snow is falling and in NZ is possible even to fall near sea level.

Whiteouts on the way!

Warnings are out as snow storms are set to rip through NZ's north and south islands, expected Tuesday through Thursday.

South Island is to expect heavy snow above 200m - the Canterbury plains are aready blanketed in snow.

1m is expected over the next few days.

The storm will track north with potential heavy rain and gales, as well as snow, set to strike North Island.

It is not until Friday that the weather is looking to ease up.

Cardrona, NZ on the weekendCardrona, NZ on the weekend
















Monday morning at Treble ConeMonday morning at Treble Cone
















Non-stop snow flurries over the weekend in Australia's Thredbo resort really started the season:

It's due to snow again by Friday and carry on through the weekend.

And a few more centimetres fell in Perisher:

And the views today in Perisher won't help the Monday blues...

Perisher resort's Monday moodPerisher resort's Monday mood















8-10cm fell on Sunday at Hotham ski resort with minus temps. It's looking to snow on and off lightly through to Wednesday.

Hotham Alpine Resort, SaturdayHotham Alpine Resort, Saturday













Hotham, Sunday Hotham, Sunday shred















The snow report from Mount Buller from today, 10th July:


Friday 7th July

Winter is on!

Perisher, AustraliaPerisher, Australia

Wednesday 5th July

And just look at this video from Perisher:

And over at Thredbo:

Charlotte Pass:


It's snowing in Mt Buller, with more forecast for this weekend.

Perisher has had 20cm in 24 hours; It's getting there...

From New Zealand, here are some updates:


A few cm fell this week in Cardrona, but mainly fresh blue sky days - and gorgeous sunsets.

CardronaCardrona sunset
















Treble Cone opened up for Winter 17 yesterday.

"It's a clear and calm kind of day with continuing fine spells, and cold temps in the Home Basin and out in the Saddle," it was written on the Treble Cone Facebook page.

The snow machines are still working hard pumping out the good stuff. Same as always (but especially now) - MORE NEEDED!


The Remarkables is waiting for snow, but doesn't look like it'll happen this week.

The Arrowsmith Range are seeing cold, cold tempts, below -10°C.

So it's beautiful days up there but snow depths aren't... well, deep.

 HothamBeauty - cold spray at Hotham

Aussie snow - Keep it coming.

Share the love in New Zealand.

It's needed to really start the season Down Under.

Monday 26th June

While NZ is reporting some recent snowfall to top up the intense snow-making that's got the season going, Australia is desperately in need of some fresh stuff.

In fact, natural snow depth is at its worst in 20 years.

A lack of moisture in the air has meant no snow.

On the plus side (...!!!) it also means that the early season rainfall hasn't melted the man-made variety that has had the tap turned on in recent weeks.

Perisher resort has a natural snowdepth of 8cm, with just 2cm over 7 days. This weekend last season it had 48cm of snowfall.

It had 2cm in the last 24 hours, however, has 13 lifts spinning and the blue sky days are tempting.

The weekly wrap over at Thredbo, Australia:


Fingers crossed for colder temps now. Thursday it is predicted to drop in the area.

Conditions are good for articifical snow making but no real snow is expected in the near-term, according to Australia weather site, 9News.

Falls Creek has reported it to be sitting at -1°C and has seen some snow flurries:

Falls CreekFalls Creek: Chris Hocking Photography















New Zealand had a clear weekend with blue skies and many resorts have had the snowmakers going full whack.

Throughout NZ and OZ, more snow is needed...

Treble Cone Facebook58hrs straight pumping at Treble Cone, NZ













Coronet PeakCoronet Peak this weekend















Mt Hutt Facebook page, Monday 26th JuneMt Hutt, Monday 26th June













Friday 23rd June

The resort of Coronet Peak in Queenstown, NZ saw 3cm of fresh snow today. With the temperature at -4°C and clear skies, it's looking good for the weekend.

The resort's snowbase sits between 10cm and 45cm and the temperature expected to stay below zero. 

Snow makingCoronet Peak has converted 4m lires of water into fresh snow

Hotham Alpine Resort in Australia is also experiencing cold temps and has had the cannons blasting to get the snow right. 

It is cold and clear with the temperature below 2°C with some real stuff to fall this weekend after several weeks without.

The season total snowfall is under 40cm so it'll be welcomed following some impressive snow making.

Perisher, the Southern Hemisphere's largest alpine resort, had a sunny, warm ski day at 6°C today (Friday) but is due a showering of snow tomorrow and hoping for lower temps.

Hotham at sunrise this morningHotham at sunrise this morning


Thredbo, Australia 'Heading into the weekend like...'Thredbo, Australia 'Heading into the weekend like...'
















Snow excitement at Mount HuttSnow excitement at Mount Hutt















Back over in New Zealand, Mount Hutt received 11cm in the last 24 hours and further south down in The Remarkables there's been a 1cm dusting.

Near Wanaka, Cardrona alike is receiving cold temperatures under 0°C and had fall 4cm during last night and its ski day today.

It slowly looking up, but much more fresh snow is needed to build up the bases.

Cardrona NZCardrona this morning
















Perisher's Friday groomPerisher's Friday groom















Less good news from down under, though, is that Mt Ruapehu's ski fields, Whakapapa and Turoa, are making a move to add hefty prices to sledding that was previously free.

$59 for adults and $35 for children are to be the costs to access the Happy Valley and Alpine Meadow.

North Island families have been using areas for years to enjoy the snow, walk and sled using the magic carpet.

The Ruapehu ski resorts are set to open 1st July.

Tune back in...


Thursday 22nd June

Mt Hutt in New Zealand got around 5cm of new snow in the base area today, and the storm is not over yet!

Forecasts are looking good for snow to continue overnight.

The storm is set to continue over the next few days.

Tuesday 20th June

Treble Cone in New Zealand has had to postpone its opening due to a lack of snow.

It was due to open this Thursday but there have been very warm temperatures recently.

"The Home Basin has insufficient snow cover to proceed with opening day as scheduled and unfortunately we will be postponing the start of the 2017 season," said the Ski Area chief executive, Jackie van der Voort.

It snowed earlier in June but since then it has been too warm to make snow but the resort is hopefull things will change soon.

News on TwitterNews on Twitter





















More snow is needed!More snow is needed!
















Monday 19th June

It was better news for Coronet Peak at the weekend.

Kicking off its 2017 season on Saturday was the New Zealand Queenstown resort, Coronet Peak.

Keen and eager to get on the slopes, around 150 people were there early doors waiting for the lift to open.

And on the very first were two Brits (good on yer)!

At midday numbers had hit 1,000.


 Coronet Peak NZIt's a go! Coronet Peak has opened
















Last Tuesday saw a decent amount of snow fall and the temperature stayed cold enough to fire up the snow cannons.

Coronet Peak's ski area manager, Nigel Kerr, warned skiers and boarders on the first day to be careful on the "eggshell" snow, but also said he was very happy to be open after what was a sketchy start to the week on Monday with rain.

>69-year-old Digs Hargreaves has been at Coronet Peak's opening day for the last 45 seasons and described the first day of 2017 to the Otago Daily Times:

''Opening days have been similar to this most years: limited skiing and a lot of people, but great fun. It's more of a social occasion than a skiing occasion.''

A happy skier - Coronet Peak FacebookA happy skier - Coronet Peak Facebook
















Monday 12th June

Victoria's ski season has started with a bang.

It's less than two weeks into winter and there's been 25cm of snowfall at Falls Creek.

Around 1,000 snowsports enthusiasts showed up on Saturday to celebrate the opening.

"The cold temperatures the last couple of weeks have ensured we had strong natural snowfall on the opening day and we're looking at seeing some more snowfall in the coming weeks but it's also perfect conditions for snow making on the mountains so it's only going to get better," said resort spokesman, Nathan Fenton.  

The ski hire shops said this weekend has been much busier than in previous years, describing it as 'booming'.

Mt Buller has had almost 40cm.

12th June - Falls Creek12th June - Falls Creek

This weekend at Falls Creek:

Sunday 11th June 

Thredbo in Australia has opened this weekend.

Here's what it looked like:


There have been recent cold temperatures that allowed snow to be made.

Over the last 3-weeks the resort has produced 50,000 cubic metres.  

There is no fresh snow set to fall according to forecasters.  



Saturday 10th June

Cardrona and The Remarkables in New Zealand have kicked off their winter season.

"Here we go... we are OPEN today!  It's a weeeee bit chilly up here so dress warm & be ready for a couple of snow flurries throughout the day. ❄️ Winter 2017 is HERE!" said a statement from Cardrona on Saturday.

Cardrona, New ZealandCardrona, New Zealand

And one of the first people on the slopes was as a certain James Woods - the GB freestyle skier.

Take it away Woodsy:

Friday 9th June

Mt Hutt in New Zealand is the latest resort to open.

"What a start to the season! The sun is out and snow conditions are great, you'd never think it was early June up here," said a statement from the resort.

"Definitely worth camping here overnight as some did to make sure they were on first chair! Grooming is on point across our trails and there are some great pow stashes out there to be found too."

Mt Hutt, New ZealandMt Hutt, New Zealand

Mt Hutt, New ZealandMt Hutt, New Zealand

Mt Hutt, New ZealandMt Hutt, New Zealand

Mt Hutt, New ZealandMt Hutt, New Zealand

Thursday 8th June

Falls Creek in Australia will be opening this weekend.

The Towers and Mousetrap lifts give runs for beginner and intermediate skiing and boarding, and Halley's Comet for access to the top.

"Our snowmakers and groomers have been working their magic across the hill to get it ready for you and your families to enjoy," said a statement from the resort.  

"We are excited to be welcoming winter in this season with lifts opening this weekend!" it added.  

Falls Creek, AustraliaFalls Creek, Australia

Falls Creek, AustraliaFalls Creek, Australia

Tuesday 6th June

However before we get into the detail of fresh snow in Australia there's been a bit of snow in the Alps.

Here's what a summer's day looked like today in Val Thorens in the French Alps.

And it is similar over in Tignes:
Tignes, Tuesday June 6th 2017Tignes, Tuesday June 6th 2017

Monday 5th June

So, what about the other side of the world?

Our latest image today comes from Falls Creek in Australia.

The resort is scheduled to open this coming weekend.

Falls Creek, AustraliaFalls Creek, Australia

Mt Hutt in New Zealand is also hoping to open with snow falling and the cannons firing out man-made snow.

20cm has fallen since Sunday with the temperature down to -8c.

Mt Hutt, New ZealandMt Hutt, New Zealand

Mt Hutt, New ZealandMt Hutt, New Zealand

Sunday 4th June

In New Zealand Whakapapa's Happy Valley ski area has opened four weeks ahead of planned.

It is mainly down to its new and shiny snow making system - the Techno Alpin SF210 All-Weather Snowmaking System.

Firing out the snowFiring out the snow

Mount Hutt posted this video on 4th June showing some great conditions.

The sound in the video is pretty bad but the images are just what we all want to see ... lots of snow!

Despite some recent warm temperatures it has opened the Double Happy chairlift and more than 800 people turned out to make their first turns of the winter - 826 to be precise.  

The resort's CEO, Ross Copland, said he was "extremely proud" of the work his team had done to open the slopes.

"Visitors now have the unique opportunity to come skiing snowboarding over Queen's Birthday weekend," he added.

And the good news is that some natural snow is forecast as the temperatures drop.

"It is another fine and clear blue sky day here at Whakapapa!! The forecast is for a sunny day followed by snow tomorrow!!" said a statement from the resort.

Snow on the slopesSnow on the slopes


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Saturday 3rd June

In Australia the battle started to be the first to open.

Last week, as we reported fruther down this article, Perisher said it would open on Saturday. Then Mr Buller said it would open on Friday evening..... so Perisher opened a lift on Friday afternoon!


Maybe but it's just a bit ot fun and Perisher can claim the crown as the first to open:

Perisher, AustraliaPerisher, Australia

Mt Buller, AustraliaMt Buller, Australia

Friday 2nd June

In Australia Falls Creek, Thredbo, Perisher, Mount Hotham, Mount Buller, Mount Baw Baw and Mount Stirling have all received their first snowfall and with cold temperatures it is looking a lot like winter.

Opening day at Perisher.

Let the season begin!Let the season begin!

Here is the scene in Perisher ahead of the opening.

Cold temperatures have also allowed Perisher to turn on its 30 snow cannons.  

The resort last opened a week early in 2012.  

The resort was due to open on June 10th and the full opening party with events, music and a firework display will still take place on that day. 
Perisher - Australia 29 May 2017Perisher - Australia 29 May 2017

And here is Mount Baw Baw.

Mount Baw Baw, AustraliaMount Baw Baw, Australia

Further snow is forecast with the mountains receiving another 10cm.

"A large and dominant high pressure system will stabilise conditions across the alps from Thursday. This calmer weather will lead to freezing minimum temperatures, allowing artificial snowmaking each night until at least Sunday," said a local weather bulletin earlier in the week.

Elsewhere the snow is falling and looking good.

Mt Buller -Australia  29 May 2017Mt Buller - Australia 29 May 2017

Mt Buller -Australia 29 May 2017Mt Buller - Australia 29 May 2017

Hotham - Australia 29 May 2017Hotham - Australia 29 May 2017

Falls Creek - Australia 29 May 2017Falls Creek - Australia 29 May 2017

Further south in New Zealand the snow canons have been turned on at Mt Hutt.  

It's snow time!It's snow time!

And at Lesotho in Southern Africa winter is approaching with the resort of Afriski opening in a week.

Lesotho, Soutern AfricaLesotho, Soutern Africa

Lesotho, Southern AfricaLesotho - Southern Africa

Meanwhile some resorts in North America remain open into June and July.  

Mammoth Mountain in California has just announced it will open every day in August - see here for our report on the conditions in the USA.

Mammoth Mountain, CaliforniaMammoth Mountain - California

And here is the picture at the top of Squaw Valley:

Squaw ValleySquaw Valley

See here for the main PlanetSKI news page with all the latest stories from the mountains.

For the Spirit of the Mountains - PlanetSKI: No1 for ski news

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