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IT'S SNOWING IN THE ANDES - Katie Bamber, Senior News Reporter
Monday June 19, 2017 - Email this article to a friend

It's safe to say that winter is back after a worrying pause; snow has dropped through many resorts in Argentina & Chile. About time... UPDATED


Let's just get right into it:

Visuals and quick hits - Snow and mountains are all we want to see anyway...

Caviahue, Argentina first thing this morning managing the snow that fell overnight:

Cerro Castor deep down south in Tierra del Fuego: Reports - 'Mucho sol!'

Cerro CastorAnd party...

Cerro Catedral today:

Chapelco with 40cm fresh down at base yesterday:


And today...

ChapelcoChapelco today

And thank goodness Las Lenas has got some snow, at long last...

30cm down at base and 50cm up top:

Las LenasLas Lenas

Las LenasLes Lenas beauty

And in Chile, which has owned it so far this season:

El ColoradoEl Colorado at the close of last week

El Colorado reports:

We finished one of the most pro weeks of the season, full of panoramas, a new #reydelpark#snowlights and the best powder in South America.

La Parva last week:

We have to assume the absence of new news - in South America's more sporadic updates - this week and weekend that there has been no fresh snowfall in the big Chile resorts.

We'll keep a close eye out...


It has been snowing steadily over the past few days in resorts through Argentina.

Cerro Catedral took 10cm yesterday but has had some strong winds causing the closure of some lift stations.

It is forecast to snow throughout the rest of the week in the popular Patagonia ski resort.

Catedral this morning - August 15thBariloche's Catedral this morning - August 15th

Nearby - on the Argentina scale and a mere 4 hours - Chapelco is doing even better with 25cm falling yesterday alone.

Sun and snow are to finish this week in the resort and skiers and riders are looking pretty happy about the conditions:

Chapelco base August 15th morningChapelco base August 15th morning

Chapelco base area Chapelco base area

Another main ski spot, Las Lenas further north has been less fortunate and without snow for a month.

Although high up with its base above 2,500m the resort is in need of fresh stuff to repair its pistes.

The low resort of Cerro Castor way down in Tierra del Fuego - at the end of the earth - sits below 1,000m but has packed snow on and off piste.

Argentina's newest resort is expecting snow this week.

The national slopestyle team are in Castor for four days competing:

Chile's Villaricca-Pucon ski area  is doing the best currently with 40cm yesterday.

However, the wind and snow storm has meant the resorts haven't been able to open.

It should calm down as of tomorrow, Wednesday 16th.

Ski PuconSki Pucon

Pucon dig outPucon dig out

La Parva 30cm of snow during Sunday for a clear Monday's skiing.

In general, snowfall has backed off in Chile...

It's the turn of Australia in the southern hemisphere.


Snow machines have been on through resorts in Argentina, with a pause in the falling of real stuff.

Las Lenas and Caviahue have been without for several weeks, both last seeing 10cm of fresh snow on 14th July.

Cerro Castor way, way down in Argentina had a good 10cm fall on 28th July, as did Catedral Alta Patagonia further up the range.

Bariloche 7 days snowfall. Snow-Forecast.comBariloche - last 7 days snowfall.

Resorts are making the most of the sun.

Las LenasLas Lenas

Cerro ChapelcoCerro Chapelco

CaviahueCaviahue on the weekend

Santiago's resorts in Chile have seen a little recently, with 5cm in Portillo and Valle Nevado on 24th July.

Nevados de Chillan further south of Santiago and nestled on the active volcano mountain took 15cm on 23rd July but since there is little new snow to report.

The coming few days are forecast as clear, sunny, and freeze-thaw conditions but with a dusting of snow Tuesday evening in the resorts of El Colorado and Portillo, both situated just below 3,000m, and La Parva, around Santiago.

It is to be clear this week in Villarrica-Pucon but turning over Friday night for a snowy weekend. Fingers crossed!

Skiing today in PuconSkiing today in Pucon

Nevados de Chillan over the weekend:


Weather in visuals:

Portillo, Chile

Valle NevadoValle Nevado

Nevados de Chillan, 24th July:

And a fine evening shot from Cerro Catedral, 25th July following a snowy 24th.

Cerro Catedral calm Cerro Catedral calm following a snow storm


Storms and snow ran through South America's ski resorts this weekend and skiing in the Andes picks up with some powder.

Santiago was covered in snow on Sunday, the first time it has seen it since 2007.

The snow caused a large scale power cut that reportedly left 250,000 without electricity.

Trees felled by the weight of snow brought down electricity lines, and cancelled sporting events along with big traffic problems were the downside of the storm.

Nevado SantiagoNevado Santiago

TweetsTweets report the Santiago snow

And as you can imagine it meant powder snow up in the resorts surrounding Santiago.

Valle Nevado was brought 45cm on Saturday:

Valle NevadoValle Nevado

Valle NevadoPowder day in Valle Sunday

La Parva warns of high avalanche risk due to the recent heavy snow.

The  weekend can only be described as powder perfection...

La Parva, powder perfectionLa Parva, powder perfection

El ColoradoEl Colorado

The storm closed Ski Pucon, a resort 800km south of Santiago, at the end of last week.

Cerro Chapelco last weekCerro Chapelco last week

Argentina's resorts have also been dealt some fresh stuff.

Parts of Patagonia received nearly 1 metre.

Las Lenas had 30cm on Saturday, 15th July.

Chapelco was closed at the end of last week due to the heavy snow and high winds and has released a report today stating that it is waiting for engineers to fix electrical problems caused by the storm.

It is yet to reopen.

And down in Ushuaia, Caviahue last saw fresh falling snow on Friday.

More heavy snow is due later this week in resorts through South America, while early this week clearer skies allow a recovery time.

From the slopes of Las Lenas this weekend:

Monday 10th July

Oh how we wish we were there...

South America's ski resorts through Chile and Argentina are getting sun, snow, powder days, sun, more snow...

Thursday is the day it's due to come down again, after a clear weekend in resorts through Chile:

Valle Nevado - has a summit snow base of 220cm. Last saw snowfall on 6th 8cm. Forecast to snow from Wednesday through the rest of the week with temperatures down to -13.

Had a sunny weekend.

El Colorado 110cm summit snow base and last got 10cm on 4th July. On Thursday it expets 20cm+

El Colorado, Chile 2nd JulyEl Colorado, Chile 2nd July

10cm on 4th July10cm on 4th July

La Parva's couloir La Chimenea - the chimney - is taken on

La Parva couloir Photo Tof HenryLa Parva - 'the chimney' - Photo Tof Henry

Portillo in Chile has had 234cm of snowfall to date this season, with only 8cm in the last week.

Ski Portillo Facebook photoPortillo yesterday: Kim Reichhelm finds the snow stashes...

PortilloEnvy... 4th July lines, Portillo

And in Argentina
, it's pretty much the same so far throughout:

Caviahue has had no recent snow - last on 5th July - but it's looking good for Wednesday/Thursday with 40cm in the pipeline...

Nevados de Chillan last had snow on 6th July, today with cold temps of -6°C and expecting fresh stuff mid-week.

The conditions in Cerro Castor, down in the southern province of Tierra del Fuego, are a little milder.

There's been no snow since 22nd June.

Both Las Lenas in Mendoza and lower down Cerro Catedral in Bariloche - 1000+km apart - have been waiting since June for fresh snow, but are expecting big dumps on Thursday.

Cerro CaviahueCerro Caviahue, Argentina's Independence Day 9th July

Blue skies in Nevados de Chillan on Independence DayBlue skies in Nevados de Chillan on Independence Day

Monday 26th June

From Tierra del Fuego at the southernmost tip of South America up to Mendoza there have been weather warnings for over a week due to storms carrying strong winds and lots of snow.

Many resorts through the Andes received snow up until Thursday 22nd, with light snow showers to start again from tomorrow.

Las Lenas had +80cm predicted for last week.

Heavy snow fell, last on Thursday 22nd June with 10cm recorded at a cold -5°C.

A clear weekend followed.

Las LenasLas Lenas

A light covering is expected during the first half of this week with temperatures below zero.

Towards the end of the week it will be drier again and with higher temperatures.

Down south from Mendoza, the volcano resort of Batea Mahuida at an altitude of 1,695m is expecting light rain tonight.

Moving through the week towards its opening on 1st July there will be snow showers, getting heavier towards the end of the week.

Cerro Catedral 26th June26th June : Calm after last week's snow storms in Catedral, Bariloche

Further south in Chapelco light showers were predicted today, as well as down in Cerro Catedral, Bariloche.

In Catedral the rain is holding off, and Chapelco have posted on Facebook this morning with better news:

Chapelco snow on FacebookChapelco this morning, 26th June

Cerro ChapelcoCerro Chapelco 24th June

Catedral resort received 20cm on 22nd June last and an eyewitness in resort yesterday evening reported snowfall!

Moderate to heavy snowfall is predicted for Thursday.

high resort, Valle Nevado is enjoying some of the best conditions in South America.

It looks to be another good week with powder snow reported today and a 2m snow depth at summit.

After a clear weekend, moderate snowfall and snow showers will grace today and tomorrow, clearing up through the week for some sunny skiing.

There are similar conditions through Chile's northern resorts near to Santiago such as El Colorado and Portillo, which opened on Saturday:

Portillo Southern Hemisphere pow - Portillo

But Nevados de Chillan in the southern Andes is experiencing heavy rain that should turn to snow by Monday evening as temperatures drop, improving through the week.

 Liam Doran Photography - Portillo Jumping for joy: Liam Doran Photography - Portillo

Monday 19th June

The Andes has a total of 33 ski resorts and the riding really doesn't get much better.

The most beautiful scenery goes with some insane backcountry as well as the volcanoes, glaciers and resorts to ski-explore.

Last weekend - 17th & 18th June - marked the opening for several:

Cerro Catedral - Bariloche

Cerro Catedral Cerro Catedral

Cerro Catedral 17th JuneCerro Catedral 17th June

Bariloche ski resort this weekendBariloche ski resort this weekend

PlanetSKI senior reporter, Katie Bamber, rates it as her number one resort.

"I was lucky enough to spend a season there and nowhere since has quite matched up. The endless backcountry to ski and scenery are the first things to mention... It's pretty wild and make you feel like you are really exploring and freely skiing the mountain. It's also where I learnt to ski steeps properly... Then there's the people, food, the city of Bariloche, the lakes, the partying... GET THERE!"

And the PlanetSKI editor, James Cove, has also paid a visit.

See below for his resort review video:


And James also reported on the resort at the time for the BBC

Las Lenas - Mendoza

Las LeñasLas Leñas 18th June

Las Lenas, MendozaLas Lenas, Mendoza

Las Lenas preparations last weekLas Lenas preparations last week

And if you are tempted by South America then our good friends over at Snoworks are running their annual trip in August 2017.

Back in 2003 Snoworks headed for South America and have been back every year since.

"Ski South America is a no holds-barred ski extravaganza combining amazing skiing experiences, spectacular southern-hemisphere winter scenery with extraordinary local culture - skiing Chilean and Argentinian ski resorts in the Lakes and Volcano District and staying in some extraordinary places," said Snoworks founder, Phil Smith.

See below for details of this year's adventure:

Valle Nevado, Chile

Valle Nevado in Chile has been open for a while, with skiers and boarders on the slopes since the end of May.

Valle Nevado weekend snowValle Nevado weekend snow

Other stories on PlanetSKI:

El Colorado

The Chilean resort had powder for its opening and visitors this weekend.

It even extended the ski day until 17:30 so riders could get the most of the amazing conditions.

El Colorado, ChileEl Colorado, Chile

El Colorado extends ski dayEl Colorado extends ski day

Cerro Castor down in the southern tip of Argentina close to the city of Ushuaia opens later this week on Friday, 23rd June.

Cerro Castor on 17th - looking ahead to openingCerro Castor on 17th - looking ahead to opening

Caviahue Ski Resort, located at the foot of the Copahue Volcano, is to open on 1st July.

Check back in to PlanetSKI as we keep you updated with pictures, snow and events in South America's resorts.

Today in CaviahueToday in Caviahue

See here for the main PlanetSKI news page with all the latest stories from the mountains.

For the Spirit of the Mountains - PlanetSKI: No1 for ski news

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