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It's a big challenge and technology is the answer, the world governing body for skiing and snowboarding is told.

A television consultant for the International Ski Federation (FIS) says the sport must grasp the constantly changing new technology to boost interest among young people.

In an interview for the FIS website Richard Bunn, who has worked in the television industry since 1968, says it's a big issue affecting all sports.

"Participation is essential both in terms of practising the sport, but also in identifying with the athletes and watching them perform," he says.

"The growth of social media has changed the way young people communicate, produce and consume content and the challenge is to find ways to present the FIS product in an appealing and relevant way."

Bunn says skiers and snowboarders should also be promoted as celebrities.

Lindsey VonnUS alpine racer Lindsey Vonn - role model & celebrity?




















"Celebrities have become role models for young people who follow their life and activities on social media," he says.

"Athletes can also be celebrities and, by promoting them as such, young people will be interested in what the athletes do and how they do it."


Bunn praises the FIS mobile app, launched last December, as a "promising start".

The app is an easy-to-use way to follow competitions in real time, get news and updates and profiles of athletes.

FIS mobile appMobile app - photo FIS


















PlanetSKI used it last season and agree it's an impressive new development for the sport.

The International Ski Federation has made a number of changes to attract more interest in alpine ski racing.

They include introducing more exciting spectator-friendly formats, such as city centre parallel slalom races.

Parallel slalomParallel slalom






The parallel slalom is a team event at the World Championships and also at the Winter Olympics as from the next Games at PyeongChang, which take place in February.


They have also changed the starting order in an effort to make racing more interesting for television viewers.

And they have used transmitting devices attached to downhill racers to deliver live information such as their acceleration and time in the air on the jumps.

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