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Wednesday July 5, 2017 - Email this article to a friend

Olympic silver medalist, 5 times X Games medalist, 6 times World Champion skis naked at Mammoth Mountain. NEW


It seems this is the summer for naked athletes.

We recently wrote about Leah Pappajohn climbing El Capitan (post dated 16th June), and then Annelise Temple hopped off a cliff at Lauterbrunnen in Switzerland wearing a wingsuit (post dated 26th June) - both were naked.

And now it seems the trend is continuing in July.

But this time it is Gus Kenworthy, a professional skier with a string of medals who is representing the ski world, and who is skiing naked.*

The last time Gus Kenworthy appeared in the ESPN Magazine was in 2015, when he announced to the world he was gay.

Now Kenworthy is baring all again, this time literally, for the ninth annual Body Issue, that is out later this week.

Kenworthy got a spray tan and his beard trimmed before disrobing on Mammoth Mountain in California.

We guess with all that snow around he must have been rather cold!

He spoke candidly to Alyssa Roenigk at ESPN about what makes him comfortable in his own skin and what gives him an edge over the competition.

In the Roenigk's article Gus commented, "The first time was me baring my soul and feeling very naked and exposed, and that's exactly what I signed up for, but it was quite intense."

"I did feel quite naked. I had nothing to hide behind. This is the same thing but in a more literal sense", he said.

On Facebook Gus Kenworthy made the following comments about the shoot:

"Y'all wanted nudes? You got 'em! 😝

So excited to finally get to show you guys my photos from the ESPN Body Issue!

Everything about this shoot was terrifying: I had to be naked, on a ski mountain, standing in the snow posing in-front of a crew of 16 people for six hours!

Although that might sound like torture it actually ended up being one of the most amazing experiences of my life!

It's kind of crazy how quickly you can get comfortable in an awkward situation with just a few shots of tequila.

Lol. I really can't thank Ben Lowy (the photographer) and the rest of the crew enough for making me so comfortable and for doing everything to capture me in the best light possible.

The Body Issue is, to me, a perfect combination of sport and art and I couldn't be more proud or honored to have been a part of it!

More pics to be posted soon but don't forget to pick up your issue on newsstands this Friday, July 7th!

First photo is from the issue, second is just one I snapped off the monitor during the shoot."

Gus Kenworthy - athletic body  (photo: @guskenworthy Twitter)Gus Kenworthy - athletic body (photo: @guskenworthy Twitter)




















Gus Kenworthy (photo: @guskenworthy Twitter)Gus Kenworthy (photo: @guskenworthy Twitter)













*Gus Kenworthy is US Olympic Silver medalist, professional skier, six times World Champion and five times X Games medalist.

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