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The money is to be provided by the South Korean government for the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympic and Paralympic Games preparations. NEW

Special grants are being given for the Olympic Games in China and these amounts given are set for specific purposes.

The official Olympic Games website has reported that according to the Yonhap news agency, it is to include £5.2 million donated by the Interior and Safety Ministry to local administration to fund construction projects already underway in the Olympic and Paralympic venues.

This includes funds for:
  • remodeling accommodation facilities for volunteers
  • improving facilities for cultural events taking place alongside the Games
  • constructing access roads to railway stations

An additional £3.3 million is slated to renovate facilities connected with the torch relay, website reports.

"We have to make the preparations for the event without hitches so that it will become a festival for all of the people around the world," Interior and Safety Minister, Kim Boo-kyum, told Yonhap.

In total, the Ministry has now allocated £40 million in special grants for aiding the construction of venues projects.

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