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The cost transporting skis on a holiday can be a complete buzz kill. But there are ways; Ski-Flights is offering free carriage all winter.

PlanetSKI has thought (and cursed) a lot about what can be a huge added cost of bringing your own skis with you on a ski holiday.

There are the alternative ways of getting to the mountains:

We are also a big fans of renting.

  • You get to try out new models
  • You can chop & change depending on the snow (or mood!)
  • No humping skis to and from the airport...
Read more here:
But when you've chosen and bought your dream skis and just want to get them out on the snow, they need to go with you.

easyJet charges between £35 - £50 per flight, with a maximum of 32kg before you start paying for excess weight.

British Airways asks that you separate skis and boots, which starts the cost hiking with extra bags.

One of the best deals we've seen this season - and we've been trawling the lot - is the free ski carriage on flights.

Swiss airline offers this already.

And now there's another: opened up its offer of carrying skies for free in January.
And since, the company has reported a boost in sales.

So is now extending the offer of free ski carriage to every flight on any date.

That includes half-term and Easter. 

Skis are in addition to a hold bag so there'll be no fee surprises when you get to the airport.

"Certain low cost airlines we could mention would charge you over £100 return to check in skis and a suitcase but if you book one of our flights before 5pm on 30 Sep both your skis and suitcase fly for free," said David Lacy from ski-flights.

But remember -  the ski flights must be booked by 30th September.

ski-flights.comLet's go!

The travel agent has flights from 11 UK airports with new departures from Exeter, Luton and Doncaster.

It flies to 9 destinations:
  • Innsbruck
  • Salzburg
  • Turin
  • Verona
  • Geneva
  • Fagernes
  • Chambéry
  • Kuusamo
  • Kittila
So, if this helps out and you have been thinking about buying some new season skis, this might be of interest:
Ellis Brigham's range of this coming season's models is exciting; We tell you first hand.

 Read more here from PlanetSKI's editor on choosing the right ski and the Winter 2017/18 models.

Ellis Brigham skisPlanetSKI's editor - ski testing

Get in there and let's ski!

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