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The United Nations has agreed a truce aimed at ensuring a safe and secure Winter Olympics and Paralympics in South Korea. NEW



A draft resolution was presented to the UN General Assembly in New York on Monday 13th November and has been agreed by both North Korea and the USA.

The resolution asks Member States "to ensure the safe passage, access and participation of athletes, officials and all other accredited persons taking part in the Olympic Winter Games and Paralympic Winter Games".

The International Olympic Committee says this is "especially important, given the time and place of these Olympic Winter Games".

Tension is high on the Korean peninsula following a series of missile tests by North Korea in recent months and a war of words between the country's leader Kim Jong-un and the US President Donald Trump.

The resolution was agreed by states including North Korea, the USA, Japan and China and followed two hours of discussions between the Member States.

It calls on the nations of the world to uphold the Olympic Truce for the period of the Olympic Winter Games.


Thomas Bach at the UNIOC President Thomas Bach addresses the UN - photo IOC













"For the athletes who will gather in PyeongChang for the Olympic Winter Games, this resolution will carry a special significance, a deeply personal one," the IOC President Thomas Bach said.

"With the Olympic Truce resolution, the United Nation General Assembly is creating the conditions for all athletes to compete in peace.

"Only the UN Member States can guarantee the athletes a safe passage to the Olympic Games. They make it possible for all the Olympic athletes to realise their dream of a lifetime."

He continued: "The Olympic athletes show the whole world that it is possible to compete with each other while living peacefully together under one roof at the same time."

The President of the UN General Assembly Miroslav Lajčák said the Olympics and the UN aspired to the same ideal.

"This is an ideal based on humanity. It says that, no matter what is going on in state capitals around the world, people will always have a space in which to engage and connect."

UN General AssemblyUN General Assembly














The President of Pyeongchang 2018 Lee Hee-beom said the Truce was about the promotion of peace through sport.

"We Koreans vividly remember the Seoul Olympic Games, an exemplary example of showing peace through sport by bringing east and west together," said.

"Sydney 2000 was another example, as with the support of the International Olympic Committee, athletes from both Koreas entered the Olympic Stadium under the same flag".

The Olympic Truce isintended to be respected from seven days before the start of the Olympic Games in February 2018 until seven days after the Paralympic Games ends.

Pyeongchang 2018 mountain venuesPyeongchang 2018 mountain venues













The tradition dates back to the 9th Century BC in Ancient Greece.

Three kings signed a treaty ensuring participants and visitors to the Olympics could travel in safety to and from the Games.

The International Olympic Committee decided to revive the idea to protect the athletes and sport in general, and promote peace.

The UN has adopted Olympic Truce resolutions since 1993.

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