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Some skiers and snowboarders consume the advised weekly alcohol allowance in one day on the slopes. So says a new report.



Nearly 400,000 British skiers and snowboarders who will be drinking are apparently set to hit the slopes this winter.

Some drink-maths has been carried out...

Check out these facts and figures compiled by travel insurance experts, Direct Line.

Are any a shock?

Expected? Amusing? Embarrassing? Worrying?!

  • Drunk skiers down, on average, 15 units a day

The NHS recommends a maximum of 14 units PER WEEK.

  • 61% of skiers that drink on the job consider it sociable and not posing any threat or danger


  • The average drink-skier consumes 105 units during a holiday

That's around 53 pints or glasses of wine.

This we can believe.

Apres skiApres ski















This, on the lighter side, went viral:

Drinking is an important part of a ski holiday for nearly a third of British skiers.

A tradition, it seems.

What about Dutch courage?
  • 26% of skiers claim a pint or two on the slopes helps their performance and increases their confidence
The anti- is:
  • Alcohol in fact slows coordination
  • Slows reaction times
  • Can limit people's inhibitions, potentially leading to unnecessary risk taking (such as taking on a slope beyond one's ability)

Mooserwirt, St AntonMooserwirt, St Anton















Take a look at the Direct Line Travel Insurance 2017 data collected on the topic of drinking when skiing:

 Brits’ attitudes towards drinking and skiing Brits’ attitudes towards drinking and skiing












Things that stood out to us were the 67% that feel that their drinking behaviours are acceptable as other people are also embracing the après-ski culture.

This is just peer or atmospheric drinking - and it's the same everywhere, not just on the slopes or in resort.

But is this really an adult's reasoning?!

Perhaps in holiday mode it is...

5.7 million British adults have witnessed or experienced an incident due to drinking while skiing.

'Nuf said...

Here's a glimpse at a favourite in the great party resort of St Anton:

"There is no doubt that après-ski is a popular element of a winter sports holiday, but Brits who drink alcohol on the slopes should be extremely cautious and consider taking the ski lift or alternative route down," the head of travel insurance at Direct Line, Tom Bishop, commented.

"Whilst alcohol may give them a new-found confidence, the slopes can be highly congested and with slower reaction times drink skiers could put both their own and other skiers' safety at risk.

"With nearly six million Brits claiming to have witnessed - or worse, been involved in - a drink-skiing accident, we're advising anyone enjoying a winter sports break to indulge in moderation to ensure that they do not wake up with more than just a sore head the next day."

Now, happy skiing all.

And to fun (but reasonable) apres-ing!

Drink skiing?Drink skiing - the scary stats















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