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SNOW & HARD BLOW ON THE EAST COAST - Katie Bamber, Senior News Reporter
Sunday January 7, 2018 - Email this article to a friend

America's East Coast has experienced seriously cold temperatures that shut down ski resorts, kept folk inside & iguanas in slumber.

To start on topic, let's see how the East Coast ski resorts fared this weekend during following the cyclone that dropped snow down the east and blew winds to double the chill.

The New England resort of Killington - perhaps the most well known in the east of the USA - shut its lifts on Friday afternoon through Saturday due to the extreme weather conditions.

"With temperatures well below zero and winds gusting to 45 mph, the wind chill is at least 50 below zero; it's just too cold to put folks out there," the resort released.

And that's Fahrenheit...

"We've met our match with Mother Nature today."

Stowe, just a little further north, remained open but with just a handful of the lifts turning.

46cm of fresh stuff in 72 hours, the resort reported on Friday. 

Killington resortKillington with a foot of snow pre weekend

Stowe Mountain ResortStowe Mountain Resort

Jay Peak in Vermont saw temps of -28C on Sunday morning - but the lifts were turning.

And that's not the coldest it's been either this weekend there.

Common sense and 40mph winds called a stop to the lifts.

Sugarloaf in Maine had some good lookin' powder:

Sugarloaf's sugar for those who braved the cold at the weekendSugarloaf's sugar for those who braved the cold at the weekend

Vermont's Stratton was pumelled by winds.

"Save your license to chill for another day."  

New Hampshire's Mount Washington experienced nearly the coldest temps recorded on the planet Saturday morning - second to just a few locations in Russia.

There were wind-chill temperatures of -67C on Friday.

The observatory there froze bubbles, it was reported!


Powder Day - January 5, 2018 from Sugarloaf on Vimeo.

The freezing air is being blown down from the arctic north.

-30°C hit some areas and the wind helped make those areas not quite there certainly feel it.

Frozen floodwaters trapped cars in Revere, Massachussetts and the snow reached Florida.

BBC imageBBC image

How has Florida suffered?

The breaking news this weekend has been the iguanas falling from trees.

Too cold to keep their grip, the seemingly dead - but in fact just on power-saving mode - reptiles are being found all over the Sunshine State's roads and paths.

Sunshine is indeed needed for these guys to get moving...

KillingtonCold beauty - Killington

In the rest of the USA's ski states the story is quite different.

3cm dropped in the biggest resort in Idaho in December, Colorado has been waiting very patiently and the California resorts that skied well into summer are paying for it now...

Fingers crossed, check back for updates.

On the positive side, there's always some to be had.

Be keen, be adventurous, be safe...

Sun ValleySun Valley

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