Winter 2019 is just about to kick off in the Southern Hemisphere. Snow cannons have fired up & lift passes are on sale.

There’s a week to go until Mt Hutt starts its season.
Cold temperatures are reported and fresh snow starting to settle.
Mt Hutt

Mt Hutt

Treble Cone today records 5cm at the base, 20cm at mid-mountain and 50cm at the peak overnight.

Treble is to open on 9th June.

Treble Cone

Treble Cone

Cardrona is waiting a little longer to open, on 16th June.
More snow is needed in the Wanaka resort but optimism is high as they wait for winter there.
Read more here of the big snow received in Australia.
Perisher has already started the winter season in Australia.

More snow news from New Zealand.
Or snow-making news, anyhow.
Mt Hutt, often one of the first to open, has posted about its ongoing snow production as the cannons have been on for a week.
“Cold temps at night = good snow making conditions!” it reports on its Facebook page.
“The snow-making team are fired up and ready to roll every night all night when the conditions are right.
“Bring on winter.”
Mt Hutt

Mt Hutt

Wednesday 22nd May in Mt Hutt

Wednesday 22nd May in Mt Hutt

Just as resorts in the Northern Hemisphere are ‘dumped on’ by snow, causing resorts to open up for more skiing…
And with some of America’s resorts extending their closing dates due to record snow levels…
The ski season down under in the Southern Hemisphere is about to kick off.
New Zealand is one of the main Southern Hemisphere ski nations.
Up there with Australia, Chile and Argentina.
Skiing in New Zealand usually starts in early June continuing to late October or even early November.
Mount Hutt is one of the first to open, and its winter starts soon.
Snow making has kicked into gear for 2019, with hope for a repeat of last winter’s fun:
Mt Ruapehu extends late, hosting an event called ‘Snovember’.

It’s even re-opened at Christmas on certain occasions.

So, what’s more news of this season – “Winter ’19”- so far?

The Remarkables posts on social media yesterday:
“So far we have recieved 3cm to 5cm snow across the Remarkables basin – turning green into white!
“… our snow making crew are working their way down the line carrying out final checks and making sure all guns [are] switched on for operations.

“Managed to check in with Jack in this video . . . .watch on!”

There are about 25 New Zealand ski resorts in both North and South Islands.
South Island has more resorts, and generally receives more snow.
New Zealand attracts the world’s best skiers each winter.

World Cup race teams from the northern hemisphere come to NZ for training.
Then there are the Winter Games NZ, which have become a major International Ski Federation (FIS) event.
For more on the individual resorts, what each offers what and how they compare (to eachother and to over this way) read our piece below:

Snow conditions are normally good from June to late September.

Read more here for our news on the NZ resorts preparing:

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IKON Pass expands its global partners with the addition of New Zealand’s Coronet Peak & The Remarkables in Queenstown, and Mt Hutt near Christchurch.
This season could turn into being quite a snow goose chase.
Ski ‘up here’ still, or move on down to New Zealand?
Who knows what’ll happen with the snow conditions during this 2019 season.
We know how they’ve been during Winter 2018/19.
We know how unpredictable our dear mountain weather is.
The only thing about this one is that the cannons are on in New Zealand.
Excitement and expectations are high.
And that we’ll surely be keeping a close eye on the news from across the world here at PlanetSKI.


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