Arapahoe Basin ski area is to host the first-ever Alpine Open pro-sanctioned disc golf tournament next month.

The weekend of 3rd – 4th August will see the first ever Professional Disc Golf Association-sanctioned event.
What is it?
Well, we’ve tried it, and you can read more below.
Disc Golf is also known as Frisbee Golf or Frolf.
The alpine-open pro event will be held in the Colorado mountain resort, Arapahoe Basin.
And a full-on day of disc golf it will be.


Summer activities have been slow to get going in this part of the Rockies due to mega snow this winter.
A-Basin was skiing on 4th July before calling it a day.
So it’s bound to be a good event as summer gets underway in the mountain resort.
Read more here of resorts skiing and riding into summer:
A-Basin ski area has an 18-hole disc golf course on the lower section of the mountain’s front-side.
It’s a free course open for all seven days a week.
All are par-3 holes.
But, during the weekend of the tournament the course will be closed for non-competitors.

The tournament is, as we mentioned, a serious affair.

There are three divisions, a registration process and an entry fee.

Admission to compete is $70 for the pro and open divisions, $40 for the advanced divisions and $25 for the junior division and general entry.
Will you be in town around then?

Register for the tournament and find more information here.

A-Basin will provide swag (some free gear up for grabs) as well as payouts to the top 40% of competitors in the advanced, intermediate/recreational and novice/junior divisions.
Champions of the pro men’s and women’s division will receive $70.
The competition will go ahead, rain or shine.

The basics

Hole 5

Hole 5



Have you played before?
It’s not always such a serious game:
Disc golf/frisbee golf /frolf can be a lot of fun and taken as easily as you like.
It’s a great sport for a group of people looking to be outside all day.
I myself am no golfer, nor a decent frisbee tosser, but I played a fantastic game of frolf in Whistler a few summer’s ago.
Catch up on my experience below as I travelled what has to be the most gorgeous scenery playing this game in an all time favourite summer destination:
Let’s bring it over here!
Katie Bamber putting in disc golf

Katie Bamber putting in disc golf