Eurostar Ski Train tickets for next winter are on sale this week. An expert on train travel gives PlanetSKI the intel.


Snowcarbon is a company dedicated to transforming the way that skiers and snowboarders travel to the mountains.

And we here at PlanetSKI are also big supporters of this kind of travel.

It’s greener, it’s more comfortable, it’s certainly an option to consider when looking ahead to organising your ski trip next season.

So, as the tickets go on sale – with very little forewarning given by Eurostar… – we call in the expert at SnowCarbon, Daniel Elkan, to offer up his knowledge about travelling to the Alps by train:

Here SnowCarbon has collected some useful data for us so we can get thinking (and booking) the most eco-friendly and, frankly, most comfortable way to reach our ski destinations next winter.

Here are 12 useful things to know about this year’s train travel to the mountains – all of which you can read more about in
the Snowcarbon guides:

1.    Daytime travel dates

London to the French Alps, daytime:

  • The first daytime outbound train is Saturday 21st December 2019
  • The final daytime outbound train is Saturday 4th April 2020.

French Alps to London, daytime:

  • The first daytime returning train is Saturday 28st December 2019
  • The final daytime returning train is Saturday 11th April 2020

View the daytime Ski Train Timetable

2.    Overnight travel dates
London to the French Alps, overnight:

  • The first overnight outbound train is Friday 20th December 2019
  • The final overnight outbound train is Friday 3rd April 2020

French Alps to London, overnight:

  • The first overnight returning train is Saturday 28st December 2019
  • The final overnight returning train is Saturday 11th April 2020

View the overnight Eurostar Ski Train timetable

3.    Out by day, back by night?

You can combine daytime and overnight trains, if you want – i.e. go out overnight and come back by day, or vice versa.

4.   One-way only (if you want to mix it up!)

You can book one-way, in either direction.

This used not to be the case, but fortunately it is now.

Imagine, booking a one-way ticket to the Alps and just skiing for the rest of your life…oh come on, you’d miss the UK after a while…

5.    Predicted prices

  • Adult return fares start at £160 this year
  • SnowCarbon’s ‘guesspectation’ is that for Xmas, New Year, and Easter, tickets will cost around £300 – £400 return
  • And at February half term, £500 – £550 return
  • Tickets for February half terms sold out last year within a few hours
  • Fares for children aged 4 -11 are about 30% less than adult fares
  • Children under 4-years-old can travel for free without a reserved seat

6.  Additonal Sunday – Sunday option (for Feb half term only)

At February half term only, Eurostar will also run a Ski Train service that works for Sunday-to-Sunday holidays.

This train departs overnight from London on Saturday night, arriving in the French Alps on Sunday morning, and returns the following week – travelling in the daytime on Sunday.

7. Book Ski Train now, choose ski resort later

If you buy a Ski Train ticket, it will be valid for any of the destination stations: Moutiers, Aime la Plagne or Bourg St Maurice.

Although when you buy the ticket you have to specify which station you are travelling to, your ticket is valid to and from any of these stations.

That means that you can buy your Ski Train ticket before choosing your ski resort.

NB: the train doesn’t call at Aime la Plagne on the return (it never does) – you get  on at Bourg St Maurice instead.

8.         Board at Ashford or London

Similarly, if you haven’t decided whether you want to get on or off at Ashford or London, your Ski Train ticket is valid from either.

As a rule, if you are certain of which station, book from that station.

If you are not certain, book from London and then make sure that you are checked in at either station by the check-in time stated on your ticket.

9.       Engineering works for some dates at Ashford

No trains will stop at Ashford on 27th, 28th, 29th December, 4th, 5th January, 22nd or 23rd February as the station will be closed for engineering works.

If you are travelling on ski trains on these dates, you’ll need to board and alight in London.
Six dates of engineering works at Ashford?

Whatever they are doing, it better be good!

10.      A little tipple, Sir and Madam?

Booze is banned on the overnight train.

You can’t bring it on board, and Eurostar doesn’t sell it at the bar.

However, you can bring bubbles, wine and beer onto the daytime train – and bubbles, wine and beer also sold at the café-bar.

11.  Choosing seats

If you book by phone with Eurostar Reservations (03432 186 186, £10 fee per booking, not per ticket) you can choose your seats at the time of booking.

If you book online, you can only choose your seats after you’ve booked your tickets.

12.  Groups of 10 or more

If you are booking for 10 people or more, you need to contact the Groups Department (0344 822 4800; groups@eurostar.com) because online you can only book seats for up to 9 people.

On sale now...

On sale now…

Here at PlanetSKI we are big fans of travelling by train to the mountains – the Alps and the Pyrenees.

Ax Les Thermes, French Pyrenees

Heading to Ax Les Thermes, French Pyrenees

See here as our senior news reporter, Katie Bamber, took  the train to Les Menuires in Les3Vallees a couple of years back:

And in January 2018 Katie headed to La Plagne

And her full video report on the journey:

And it is not just to the Alps.
The ski resorts of the French Pyrenees are within easy reach by rail too:

Check out Katie’s full video of the train journey here:

Now Eurostar has for some reason kept its ski customers in the dark this summer as to when the tickets will go on sale.

On 10th July we spoke to Daniel about the upcoming winter’s Ski Train tickets:

The Eurostar Ski Train – When Will Tickets Go on Sale?

Click here and scroll down to 10th July of our News In Brief for more on the delayed sale of tickets.

Snowcarbon investigates

Snowcarbon investigates

Some information on SnowCarbon:

Snowcarbon is dedicated to transforming the way that skiers and snowboarders travel to the mountains.

“Travel accounts for nearly 70% of the carbon footprint of ski holidays,” said Snowcarbon founder, Daniel Elkan.

“Snowcarbon can help you find and/or create sustainable ski holidays – to help you slash the impact of your ski holiday.”

That, and the journey doesn’t have to be a slog. It can be part of the holiday…

It offers advice and suggestions for ski holidays by train to the best resorts in France, Austria, Switzerland and Italy.

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