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We offer a video production service to ski and snowboard businesses based on over 20 years of producing and making films for the BBC.

Every web site now needs to have video footage on it to be up to date and current. Embedded video is one of the fastest growing elements of web site design and content.

That's where PlanetSKI TV comes in.

We can make everything from a simple interview about your company or product through to a more complex film with music and special effects.

Contrary to popular belief it does not take a long time to film/edit a short video and is remarkably cost effective. 

Sometimes just a simple interview with some pictures will be enough to sell your product and enhance it well beyond the cost of the film.

Take a look at the variety of examples below.

We essentially offer 2 types of video service.

High end - This is a more polished product using higher quality cameras and takes longer to produce. It reflects a more upmarket product and offers your customers something to aspire to.

Cheap and cheerful - This a basic product but can often be far more effective as it has a more honest and accessible feel, especially when viewed on a web site.

See the examples below of the 2 types of films we offer that PlanetSKI TV has made for a wide variety of clients;

High End promotional film for European Snowsport, Ski and Snowboard school

Cheap and Cheerful on the low cost French holiday operator, UCPA.

High end resort review of Saas-Fee, Switzerland.

Cheap and cheerful resort review of Les Get France.

High news film on winter global warming for BBC TV News

Cheap and cheerful news film on summer global warming for PlanetSKI.

Cheap and cheerful educational film for a student doing GCSE in sport.

Event film - Freeride World Tour and Powder Day in Verbier, Switzerland.

Planet SKI Interviews - The legendary man with the mohawk ,Glen Plake and one of the most import people in the British ski industry, Mathew Prior, the managing director of Crystal.

Now think what PlanetSKI TV could do for you.

For the high-end films we work with a Sony Z1 camera that has widescreen and high definition capabilities.

It is the industry standard and provides broadcast quality pictures for the films we have made for the BBC.

For the cheap and cheerful films we use a Sony handicam Mini DV that is light to transport and has a range of functions.

We have a variety of tripods, microphones and lights for different situations.

We edit with Final Cut Pro or Final Cut Express on an Apple MAC.

As well as making the video for you we offer opportunities to place the video on PlanetSKI and/or on our PlanetSKI You Tube page.  The resort review video we made for Les Gets has had well over 5,000 hits.

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