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Are you new to skiing or snowboarding, or a little rusty on what you need to stay cool, or warm, on the slopes? Iglu's here to help: NEW


For those new to skiing or snowboarding, the world of winter holidays can seem very complicated.

Getting ready for a ski trip is a big task.

This is after finding the right one, booking it in, worring about the snow, and all before the fun starts...

At this point, the question comes up, 'What do I wear skiing?'.

Do I go baggy, freestyle-cool?

Chic & Euro?

Colourful and fun, or sophisticated on the slopes?

Here is some practical advice from the experts, Iglu Ski.

After all, being warm, dry and properly prepared is the first real feat for enjoying the mountain

The cool is all in the skier. Look up (this actually does help!), feel good and enjoy!

















Check list:

Whether you're buying, borrowing or hiring, here are the things you'll need:

  • Goggles: with UV protection
  • Helmet: In Italy, Canada and in most ski schools, it's essential for kids under 14
  • Hat: for after the skiing/the lunch look
  • Base layer - and make it tight (for warmth) and breathable (for sociability)
  • Mid layer - this is anything you like just to notch up the layers for warmth
  • Ski jacket & salopettes - Make the pants high rise, especially if you're boarding, to keep out the snow when you're bending down or falling over

More on jackets & pants: they need to be windproof and waterproof so get the real deal.

'Real deal' doesn't mean expensive, though. See here for PlanetSKI's first hand top pick for affordable ski wear:

TK Maxx is also one for great ski finds and Mountain Warehouse produces the lot - plain, stylish and reasonably priced items.

Mountain prepMountain prep












Golden tip:

Layers. Oh, and sun cream...

Sun cream always.

The reflection of the sun on the snow ramps up its mighty power.

The sun can always surprise you as well, when out in the day.

Don't learn the hard way!

And the layers? They trap the heat.

Or if it's warm and you're working hard they're easy to shed.

Common ski wear mistakes:

Hoodies aren't waterproof, and when they get snowy, they soon become soggy.

Soggy means heavy and uncomfortable -and comfort is key.

Spending a day in wet gear ruins the fun, makes you grumpy and we don't want anyone giving up on the ski...

IgluHelmets helmets












Backpack - Not essential but a good idea.

Water can be expensive on the mountain (grrr) but we need it all day long, working hard and at altitude.

Sun Cream - With high UV protection and waterproof (for those likely face plants).

Gloves - These can be bought pretty cheaply. But do get good quality gloves - they're vital!

Mitts can be warmer but gloves allow a little more dexterity...

Those with a removable inner glove are good as they're easier to dry and have better insulation. If it's freezing but you need to take that photo or do something fiddly, you can also take off the outer and not claw your hand.

Socks - More than one pair. We like them thin, which might seem like the opposite to what you think, but toe movement in your boots makes for warmer tootsies than crushed, padded feet.

Buy ski socks, not just ski looking ones - they provide the necessary padding in the right places for what can be uncomfortable ski boots, and others just don't pull up high enough!

Iglu what-to-wear guideIglu what-to-wear guide













A last word

You don't have to look coordinated; some even go for just the opposite.

Just be concerned with staying safe and concentrate on developing your skills.


Iglu guidesIglu guides








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