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RAMPAGING RAMPTON AT SNOWBOXX - DAY TWO - James Rampton, Snowboxx - Avoriaz
Monday March 19, 2018 - Email this article to a friend

PlanetSKI's roving & ramping reporter is in Avoriaz. A great day on the slopes in powder snow was followed by some jaunty gyrations to Fatboy Slim with 6,000 other euphoric fans. NEW

Slim on the slopes.

No, this is not a reference to PlanetSKI's not noticeably slender roving reporter.

Rather, it is a summary of one of the most fun evenings we've ever had in the Alps.

The mighty Fatboy Slim took to the Main Stage outdoors at the Snowboxx Festival in Avoriaz at 9.30pm precisely last night and - to borrow the old football commentator's cliche - the crowd went wild.

Snowboxx - the crowd went wildSnowboxx - the crowd goes wild














As the immortal opening piano intro of his most famous hit, "Praise You," rang out across the mountain, the 6,000 people in the audience immediately started jumping up and down in ecstatic unison.

I'd be very surprised if the vibrations weren't felt across the border in Switzerland.

Even the onset of a really quite heavy downpour of snow did nothing to dampen our enthusiasm, as the DJ led the euphoric audience through such terrific hits as "Right Here Right Now," "Rockafeller Skank", and "Weapon of Choice.

Even stuck behind his mixing desk, he is a phenomenal showman, capable of rousing the rabble with a mere lift of his arms.

Every now and then, Fatboy Slim disappeared under desk.

I idly speculated that he was taking surreptitious sips of Cup-a-Soup down there.

A glimmer of Fatboy slim ... A glimmer of Fatboy Slim ... before disappearing for his cuppa!




















After all, as the snow began to fall even more copiously, that really didn't seem like such a bad idea.

The already infectious mood was only enhanced by the plethora of hilarious fancy dress costumes in the audience.

Snowboxx regulars had really gone to town on the Festival's official Fancy Dress Day.

I saw several Snow Whites and Belles from Beauty and the Beast - and that was just the blokes.

Some of the belles at SnowboxxSome of the belles at Snowboxx - by day - transformed into beasts at night! 🤣














The only downside of an exhilarating evening was that PlanetSKI forgot just how difficult it is to dance on an icy incline - a genuine case of being on a slippery slope.

In the past, some carpers may have wondered if the idea of mounting a huge music festival on the top of an Alp could ever work.

But the sight last night of 6,000 delighted souls - already flushed with pleasure after an invigorating day on the slopes - dancing their ski-socks off to Fatboy Slim would certainly have silenced any remaining critics.

The alpine music festival emphatically does work.

As a giant inflatable ball with a smiley face bounced around the audience at the end of the show, everyone in the arena wore an equally happy expression.  😎

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Share a Fatboy Slim moment with PlanetSKI ... and get dancing to 'Praise You' .


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Tickets for Snowboxx start from £229 for accommodation and a festival wristband.

Flight packages starting from £369.

Lessons and ski hire are available from just £73.

Snowboxx 2018Snowboxx 2018













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