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We've spotted a few in the ski world from snowblading entering the Olympics, drones delivering skis, e-touring, sand ski resorts & maybe a few more...


And not only is snowblading apparently making an appearance in the 2022 Winter Olympics, but Snowsport England is preparing for it. 

They're Going for Gold!

Aiming for 2022 OlympicsAiming for 2022 Olympics


"We're excited to launch a new Academy Squad for the 2018/19 season!" said Snowsport England this morning.

"With the IOC's late-night announcement that Snow Blading will feature in the 2022 Winter Olympics, we have added the Snowsport England SNOW BLADE Academy to our Talent pathway."

And we heard earlier from the UK tour operator, Inghams, that claims it will re-enact the popular 'Almabtrieb' festival today and is renaming it 'Godalmabtrieb'.   

1,000 cows will be dressed in traditional Austrian attire and paraded through the Surrey hills back to the Inghams Head Office in Godalming for a BBQ. 

"Almabtrieb is such an amazing festival and we're delighted to be able to honour the tradition here in the UK - in all honesty, we like a challenge! I'm expecting a herd of bookings on the day from customers who want to take their Almabtrieb experience to the next level and go to Austria to see it in September. I'll be donning my lederhosen to ensure the full immersive experience," said the Head of Sales, Simon McIntyre. 
At time of writing there is not a dressed cow in sight... whether in the Surrey Hills or meandering around Godalming High Street. Wink

See here for more on the Inghams Facebook page.


Meanwhile More Mountain in Morzine brings us news of a new summer piste in the French resort.

"SERMA (the lift management company) are developing a new artificial piste under the Super Morzine lift. Skiers will be able to ski all the way down to Morzine from the top of the Zore chairlift this summer. The piste will be made up of a combination of a new artificial snow and a dry slope."

Spokesperson from the Morzine tourist office, Avril La Folle said "We are very excited about this project. It is great for local businesses and visitors adding a new dynamic to the summer appeal of Morzine. Why not learn to ski in glorious sunshine?!"

Summer skiing in MorzineSummer skiing in Morzine

Summer skiing in MorzineSummer skiing in Morzine

And the UK's largest ski tour operator, Crystal Ski, has unveiled a new service for next winter:

'Choose Your Favourite Seat on the Chairlift' allows you beat those peak hour queues and exclusively reserve an entire chairlift for your friends and family. We are also in talks with lift operators in some premier resorts about adding exclusive extras for Crystal customers such as:

• Pre-order champagne for your lift - celebrate in style as you ascend the mountain with our safe, clip-on, champagne buckets
• Cakes and celebrations - order a birthday or anniversary cake for a surprise impromptu party
• Snacks and sushi - keep going throughout the day by ordering chairlift snacks from our energy-filled, finger-food menu
• Chat to a celebrity - never get bored on a chairlift again by asking us to arrange your 'dream ticket' partner to keep you company on a ride you will never forget

See more here on the Crystal Facebook page.

Pre-order your chairlift seat?Pre-order your chairlift seat?

Meanwhile the ski operator, Ski Weekends, has been offering its guests a new service this morning: THE SKI CADDIE.

It's a new drone-based service with a quiver full of different skis so people can swap from piste to powder skis - all delivered by a drone.

They can carry kids' skis to the lifts too.

"Ski Caddie is a Professional UAV Drone Aircraft programmed to shadow skiers around the slopes within a 100m radius with their chosen ski collection aboard. 

"Each drone comes with a unique wristband - worn by the guest - which serves as both a tracking device and a remote control enabling them to summon the Ski Caddie to their precise location.

"Furthermore, the Ski Caddie can carry up to 4 pairs of skis at a time and has up to a 7.5 hour battery life, meaning it can be used all day, switching between skis, without having to return to the chalet."   

And the company Action Outdoors has got in on the April Fool's Day, er, action.

It has come up with a way to make skinning and touring a bit easier - e-touring.

Think e-biking.

"Like an e-bike, the e-touring skis are battery operated and allow for a much easier ascent of the mountain than traditional ski touring, where the skier needs to walk up un-aided.

"A specially designed battery pack (2.5 kg's) that powers the e-touring ski can be charged like a mobile phone at home or on one of the new electric car charging stations found in Chamonix town centre.

"Controlling the speed is easy, either by an integrated app on a mobile phone, or by the in-built voice recognition system, SkiRi." 

The company is offering special courses to lean how to use the e-ski  that are to be based out of the UCPA Centre in Chamonix.

And then there is the new sand dune ski and snowboard centre in Morocco, Mirage Oasis, offered by the UK's largest agent, Iglu Ski. 

See here for more on the Iglu Ski Facebook page.

Mirage Oasis, MoroccoMirage Oasis, Morocco

"Just one hundred miles south of Marrakesh, the 950ft high Al-Bilaffin sand dune, and its Mirage Oasis resort, is just what you are looking for if you don't like getting cold but love the thrill of skiing.

"With sand skiing (or sandboarding) the opportunities are so much better - no avalanches, no bad powder days, no numb fingers and no melting in the sun! 

"At the Mirage Oasis resort you can hit the slopes from dawn till dusk!

"In addition, instead of queueing to take a lift to the top of Al-Bilaffin again and again, you also have the option to simply hop on a camel to be taken back up to the summit."      

There are of course hot-tubs on the balcony and complimentary camel hire.   

Mirage Oasis, MoroccoMirage Oasis, Morocco

And if you like your apres ski the according to Iglu Ski popular evening entertainment includes 'snake-charming, belly dancing and fire eating' at the Mirage Bar.
We suspect only its name is accurate - a mirage. Wink

And while we're talking of the April 1st offerings from Iglu Ski the company produced one of our all-time favouites a while back:

The IglushipThe Iglucruise











And at this point as we look back it would be remiss of us at PlanetSKI not to mention this one:

Before impactBefore impact
















After impactAfter impact
















Increasing productionIncreasing production

















Here at PlanetSKI we are seeking out some more so do check back... and if you have seen any stories in the snowsports world that you feel might be April Fools then do let us know over on our PlanetSKI Facebook page.

See here for the main PlanetSKI news page with all the latest stories from the mountains.

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