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PLANETSKI GOES CHINESE - James Cove, Innsbruck
Monday April 16, 2018 - Email this article to a friend

So, there was our editor walking through the centre of Innsbruck to take his skis back to the hire shop and this happened...

I have a mental list of my favourite ski  things:

  • Favourite ski resort.
  • Favourite skis.
  • Favourite people to ski with.
  •  Favourite run.
  • Favourite bar. 


But  I never thought I would have a 'Favourite time I have taken my skis back to the hire shop'.

But I now have one.

And here's why.

I was marching through the centre of Innsbruck, the capital of the Tirol, with skis on shoulder and determined stride in foot.

I noticed a person running ahead to take a picture but hoped I wasn't photo-bombing  their selfie picture of the beautiful architecture in the city centre that they were likely trying to capture.

"Oh bollocks, I'm in a rush and they can wait," I thought to myself.

















Then it happened again...

















And again...



















I then realised that they actually wanted me in their photo.

Being the media tart that I am I immediately stopped to assist.

I was mobbed.

They had probably never see a skier before.


















One said he was a producer from Chinese TV and said I would be on the breakfast news programme for his daily blog.

I told him he would be on the mighty PlanetSKI, but he seemed less enthusiastic about his appearance than I was about being on Chinese state TV.

We laughed, shook hands and smiled.

Then we laughed, shook hands and smiled again.

And again...




















































I love my fellow humans.

From whatever part of the planet they come from.

I guess there will never be a better 'favourite time I have taken my skis back to the hire shop'.

And what am I doing in Innsbruck anyway at this time of year?

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