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Monday April 30, 2018 - Email this article to a friend

Our editor is staying in the Dragon Lodge in Tignes as the season ends. There's blue sky & powder snow with just a handful of days left...




It was one of the stranger sights I have seen as I entered a breakfast room in a ski resort to grab some cereal, a cup of strong coffee and a croissant before heading off to the slopes.

I should have perhaps had an indication by some odd grunting sounds and what I can only describe as whale music as I opened the door.

I heard what sounded like a female equivalent of Mr Motivator barking instructions out (whatever happened to Mr Motivator?)

They were where my breakfast table should be.

Tignes, FranceTignes, France
















Am I still dreaming?

I blinked sharply several times but no, the lycra-clad bodies were still arching themselves around on the floor.

One had his leg in the air and a very strange red colour to his face as he held out an outstretched shaking hand and a false look of enjoyment on his face.

I'm sure he was the same guy I had been drinking (red) wine with in the same place several hours earlier.

He looked to be in some pain as I stepped over him to the coffee.

Perhaps it was the Crow Pose.

The kids in the room had the right idea - stand in the corner and keep well away.

It is after all the Child's Pose.

Tignes, FranceTignes, France
















I looked around for the coffee and the cereal.

There were more bodies in the way, one looked like my great friend Chris Moran from Intersport, but as I winked at him he just gritted his teeth back at me with venom in his eyes.

The Cobra Pose perhaps.

"Oh, well," I thought to myself I'll dive into the nearest bakery for a shot of strong coffee and my croissant and head to the powder.

Ten minutes later I was in one of Chris's shops while he remained in some sort of doggy position on his matt.

Or should that read dodgy.

I knew where I'd rather be: swapping my piste skis for the all-mountain powder variety in the local Intersport shop.

All that shavasana must have confused my brain as 95cm would have been some powder ski - 95mm would be preferable. Wink

With my coffee and croissant I found myself first in the queue for the first lift of the day, on the last day of April after an overnight snowfall with all the mountain guides.

I wondered if they done their Mountain Pose.

Tignes, FranceTignes, France
















But why on earth were all my mates lieing around on matts and breathing deeply?

Tignes, FranceTignes, France
















And at the top of the Grand Motte the visibility had closed in a bit when I got there.

In fact a lot, but that is a small bit of detail I will omit as I tell them of my ski day later.

Tignes, FranceTignes, France
















Tignes, FranceTignes, France
















But further down things lifted to reveal something far more inspirational and good for the soul for a Happy Baby.

Tignes, FranceTignes, France
















Strangely the lower I got the better the snow became, light and grippy, and once I passed the top of the furnicular at 3,000m it became perfect.

And there was hardly a soul around.

Tignes, FranceTignes, France
















Tignes, FranceTignes, France
















Maybe a yoga craze had swept Tignes and everyone else was doing there downward dogs and all the rest of it.

I prefer some light powder snow and high-speed carving thank you very much.

A few others did too.
Tignes, FranceTignes, France
















Tignes, FranceTignes, France















Tignes, FranceTignes, France

















What a morning! Cool

Namaste my friends.

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