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Tuesday May 1, 2018 - Email this article to a friend

We do so in one of the most iconic resorts in the Alps on its closing day, May 1st. Fun, memories, powder, partying, laughs, drinks + everything else besides.





Here at PlanetSKI we usually close our season in May and in our opinion there is only one place to be.

One of the most famous ski areas in the Alps, with some of the best terrain and a magnet for the most passionate skiers and snowboarders.

So, which resort is it?

The partying starts at the top of the first cable car.

And there is a bit of watery fun on hand.

Some do it with ease:

Others have a wetter time of it all, especially if both skis come off and have to be retrieved:

It drew in the crowds who were in party mood.

Argentiere, FranceArgentiere, France
















Argentiere, FranceArgentiere, France















Argentiere, FranceArgentiere, France
















Argentiere, FranceArgentiere, France
















And after the stop at party central to get in the mood it was time for some skiing.

Once again it was snowing - a powder day in May as Argentiere closes and PlanetSKI ends its winter... the two in perfect harmony.

Argentiere, FranceArgentiere, France














First it was up the Bochard gondola lift.

It was great to cruise down with my thoughts turning back to some of the amazing places I had skied, the people I had met and the adventures experienced in the winter of 2017/18.

More than 100 days on snow and over 50 resorts.

And my final day was a powder one too.


And then the big one - the Grands Montets.

And in case you want to hear the music...

Top of the Grands MontetsTop of the Grands Montets
















The runs off the top are for expert and advanced skiers and snowboarders with experience. 

Coming down the steep staircase at the top were climbers too.  

Argentiere, FranceArgentiere, France

The terrain is extreme.  

The visibility was limited but it was clear enough to find our way down.  

Argentiere, FranceArgentiere, France

Some were having a picnic, though there wasn't much of a view. 
Argentiere, FranceArgentiere, France

Others were  coming up on skins - only in Chamonix.
Argentiere, FranceArgentiere, France

The snow was heavy, wet powder, but a joy to ski as PlanetSKI and Argentiere brought their respective seasons to a close.  

We did the run from the top of the Grands Montets to the village of Argentiere in a single run - 2,000m of vertical descent. 

It was an entirely appropriate way to end our season.    


And afterward I popped into the village of Argentiere.

Argentiere, FranceArgentiere, France

I was to meet an old friend, Claire Burnett, for a drink before heading to Geneva airport. 

Argentiere, FranceArgentiere, France  

The bar is an old haunt of mine but sadly was closed, but for a good reason.  

Argentiere, FranceArgentiere, France

That's Argentiere for you .

Claire and I chatted on the bench outside instead. 

"It's been an amazing winter here with so much snow. The last big one was 1998/99 but the snow didn't really start until February in that season," she told me.  

"This winter it started in November and has carried on right the way through. It has probably been the best winter ever in Chamonix for powder skiers."  

And so that is it, another winter over.  

And probably, along with Chamonix, my best one ever too.

As I left Chamonix the railway bridge out of town looked as stunning as ever.

Leaving ChamonixLeaving Chamonix

And the Alps in the Spring beckoned.

Summer beckonsSummer beckons

Bring it on.

Bye, bye winter... it's been an absolute pleasure.

Yours truly in heavenYours truly in heaven


















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