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Massive beasts vie for herd dominance in the Swiss Alps as their owners indulge in cow-fighting as a local pastime. It's a growing sport attracting big crowds.



Parts of Europe go for bull fighting, but the Valais canton in Switzerland indulges in cow-fighting.

It's an annual event that takes place among the Hérens, a unique breed of cows to the region.

They fight each other instinctively to set the hierarchy within the herd.

As they are moved up to the mountain for summer grazing, the cows naturally fight fiercely among themselves, horns against horns for herd dominance.

In the competitive arena however, heavy beasts are selected to compete.

The cows lock horns and using all their strength push their opponent to submission.

It's a stalemate until one cow backs off.

It could be a swift battle, or a longer more ferocious push for dominance.

There are many qualifying rounds in the region from March onwards.

This year though, it has become an international competition with Sion hosting the finals of first international cow-fighting championship in Switzerland.

Around 100 cows from Italy, France and Switzerland took part in the event.

And, judging by the number of people in the photo below, it was a popular occasion, it has been reported there were approximately 10,000 spectators in Sion.

The finals in Sion #FNRH2018The finals in Sion #FNRH2018















Here's Pigalle in the video below, one of the favourites, she sounds more than ready to do battle.

Here's a video clip of some early morning jousting among the Hérens.

And the Queen of Queens?

After quite a long battle against Ruska (owned by Fabrice Marcoz), 4 1/2 year old Veielett (chalked up as Number 131) was crowned Queen at the 2018 national finals in Sion.

She is owned by Anton and Fabienne Williner from Visp.

Watch Veielett fighting for her crown in the final below:

Veielett Queen for a year - Owned Anton & Fabienne Williner from VispVeielett Queen for a year - Owned Anton & Fabienne Williner from Visp
















The coveted cow bells - Queen of QueensThe coveted cow bells - Queen of Queens (photo: Facebook)

Veielett - Queen on paradeVeielett - Queen on parade (photo: Facebook)

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