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The Chinook did a 2-wheel landing to reach a stranded climber who was threatening to kill himself in the Oregon ski area. PlanetSKI reports from neighbouring Idaho.

A  six-person rescue crew climbed to the snowy 3,400m summit of the main mountain near the ski resort of Mt Hood in Oregon USA to rescue a climber.

The 27-year old man reportedly called for help the night before, saying he was thinking about taking his own life by overdosing on medication.

He had driven up from Texas.

When conditions became too dangerous to climb down, the Oregon National Guard chopper made the dramatic rescue.

Check out the skills of the pilot and bravery of the rescuers.

It was a CH-47 Chinook helicopter and the climber is now recovering in hospital.
The climber first called 911 on Thursday afternoon and said he was considering committing suicide. 

His call was traced and found to come from the top of the mountain.  

A team reached the man the follwoing day but by then the snow had become too soft and it was deemed too dangerous to climb back down.  

A Black Hawk helicopter was first used but was not able to get up to the summit.  

"Most helicopters really struggle to even get up to that altitude, as the air gets really thin. So we have to use the Chinook, which is one of our aircraft that's powerful enough to get up to that altitude," said a spokesman from the rescue services. 

Instead of lowering a rope the pilot of the Chinook did a two-wheel landing and then lowered the ramp to get all seven people on board.

They had to crouch down on all fours to avoid the rotar blades.

An investigation is underway.

Here in the USA the story has gripped people on social media:

Some have been critical of the man: 

SM - "He better be held responsible for the rescue cost."   

PS - " Should have left him there for being so selfish."  

Others have a different view:    

KW  - "I hope this man can get the help he needs.I myself have contemplated ending my life since my twenties. 59 now...But i was very aware of what would entail.Planning is involved...

"To not put others in danger when recovering my body.

"Not to scar others if they should by happenstance find my body...Mostly i did not want to hurt others ..

"Yes my relatives would be hurt but when you are at your lowest point...that does not enter in my thoughts...

"Just the chance that some other person would be at risk sickened me...Planning...

"Finley i said something earlier this year when it seemed like i was ready for life was getting hard....

I am now on some medication..called sertraline....Crawling into "My Head" has always been a problem...Having said that I am not prone to "Dwell" on things when i am alone this has been "huge for me ..

"Thanks for reading my ramble. So yes I hope this man gets the help he needs."

From the neighbouring US state of Idaho it seems the rescue was first rate and the issues far more complex...     

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