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When it's on in the mountains in South America, it's really on... And a storm has brought a good batch of snow to Chile. NEW


For the Chilean storm that's brought the most snow down low in 46 years, read below on our report yesterday.

Meanwhile in Argentina's popular resorts 1,000km south of this storm, there's been enough...

Though less remarkable than half way up Chile around Santiago, one of its biggest ski resorts Cerro Catedral has seen a steady couple of centimetres each day of the weekend, and more before.

Moreover, it's more than normally appreciated as Cerro Catedral is hosting the South America Cup (SAC) kicking off today 14th August.
It's -4°C up top and -2°Cat the base in resort so it's looking real good for the events.

Cerro Catedral BarilocheCerro Catedral Bariloche SAC events

The first FIS events of the season have happenned in Chapelco, Argentina.

Check out the conditions as these freeriders take it from the top:

ChapelcoChapelco up top

ChapelcoChapelco down low


Chile has been hit by a storm, one causing snow to fall at unusually low levels.

Santiago has had snow, a lot of snow, much more than they are used to down there in the city.

The city sits at an elevation of 500m.

So that must mean the resorts that back up the city in the mountains close by - such as El Colorado with skiing up to 3,300m - are doing really well.

Down in Santiago 350,000 houses lost power.

40cm of snow fell in places there.

Much, much more than the several centimetres the city is used to.

It's been the biggest snowfall in 46 years.

San Cristobal hill in Santiago - photo Esteban Felix APSan Cristobal hill in Santiago - photo Esteban Felix AP

Portillo recorded over 30cm of snowfall.

They're enjoying the powder up that way...

31cm of fresh in Portillo31cm of fresh in Portillo

PortilloSki Portillo

One lucky snowboarder escaped an avalanche when riding in the backcountry in Santa Teresa.

Manuel Díaz was wearing a GoPro and has it caught on camera.

Check out his story:

Valle Nevado also by Santiago is looking beautiful, now with the sun out after some fresh stuff:

Valle NevadoValle Nevado

The Valle Nevado sceneThe Valle Nevado scene

Nearby in La Parva there hasn't been new stuff fall since 26th July but they're getting their kicks.

La Parva freshLa Parva fresh

Up in El Colorado they're literally swimming in snow - swimming at 3,000m:

August is also a good month for the Andes ski resorts further south.

In Nevados de Chillan, the resort that last week had a volcano erupt, there's snow everywhere:

Nevados de ChillanNevados de Chillan

Read more here about skiing the Southern Hemisphere:

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