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It's been the best snowfall in 14 years which is rather good as PlanetSKI has chosen this year to visit. So, what's the snow & skiing like in Oz in its epic winter?



If there is a season to visit Australia then this is it.

Many resorts have seen snow records tumble and winter continues to bite with a dusting of fresh snow last weekend.

We're into the second half of September, so think second half way of April from a European perspective.

In New South Wales, home to the biggest resort in Australia of Perisher and the steepest resort with the most vertical, Thredbo, there is still plenty of snow.

We've been here a week or so and are loving it.

Though there are now spring conditions as the season draws to a close.

The resorts have around 2m of snow this winter and in the past 26 years there have only been a handful of seasons where the snowfall has exceeded the 2m mark.

This winter has seen the most snow since 2004.

Here's a video report from Perisher - where it's been snowing again:

"It started in early July and we've had consistent falls and cold temperatures ever since," said the sales and marketing manager for Perisher, Richard Phillips, to me.

"Our visitor numbers are up and we have had a truly amazing season here. Australia is better known for its beaches and its surfing, but we have some great slopes here and some fabulous skiing and snowboarding."

Perisher is the largest resort in Australia and there will be a full resort review posted later this week, so do check back for that.

Lets just say I rather liked it - especially skiing in the gum trees, but more of that later.

There remains evidence of the huge amounts of snow that have fallen across the winter, with very few bare patches.

Perisher, AustraliaPerisher, Australia
















Perisher, AustraliaPerisher, Australia















Though now things have warmed up a bit and some Australians in Perisher have changed their ski wear accordingly.

Perisher, AustraliaPerisher, Australia

















Perisher, AustraliaPerisher, Australia















It has been a similar picture in Mt Buller in Victoria near Melbourne, where I was skiing earlier this month.

And there is evidence of the winter's snowfall in the resort.

Up on the slopes:

Mt Buller, AustraliaMt Buller, Australia
















And down in the village:

Mt Buller, AustraliaMt Buller, Australia
















Though bare patches are now appearing lower down:

Mt Buller, AustraliaMt Buller, Australia
















And back in New South Wales it has been none too shabby in Thredbo - we skied the resort on Monday 17th September.

"We have had a fabulous season with some great conditions and we have seen a sharp increase in visitors," said Susie Diver, the Thredbo communications manager.

"Most of our visitors come from Sydney which is a drive of under 6-hours away."

And just in case you are wondering that is pretty much nothing by Australian standards - just down the road!

The spring temperatures have been taking their toll in Thredbo but the resort has been keeping things in shape as best they can.

Up top cover is good.

Thredbo, AustraliaThredbo, Australia














Though like Mt Buller things are deteriorating at resort level:

Thredbo, AustraliaThredbo, Australia














So, what is it like skiing in Australia?

We will have a full report shortly on PlanetSKI.

In the meantime this is what I made of Perisher after a few days on the slopes.

You gotta love those gum trees Cool

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