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TIME FOR CHANGE AT BSS - Jane Peel, Chief Reporter
Monday September 17, 2018 - Email this article to a friend

The UK governing body for snowsports has big plans for the future, as its new head tells PlanetSKI.

Vicky Gosling took over at the top of British Ski & Snowboard in April 2018, shortly after GB's skiers and snowboarders secured their best results at a Winter Olympics.

She's effusive in her praise for the athletes concerned but what's clear when you talk to the new Chief Executive is that she is not one to dwell on past successes.

Vicky Gosling is all about the future and the great achievements she is sure will come.


The former RAF officer, who went on to be CEO of the 2016 Invictus Games for wounded ex-service personnel, is confident Great Britain can reach its goal of becoming a top 5 snowsports nation by 2030, describing the ambition as "massively realistic".

If, that is, and it's a big if, BSS can bring in enough money.

"It's 100 per cent about funding," she told PlanetSKI after speaking at a conference of ski industry professionals.

Vicky Gosling at Ski Launch 2018Vicky Gosling speaks at Ski Launch 2018 













On the funding front, the organisation is at least doing better than it has in the recent past.

This summer, on the back of that Olympic success, UK Sport announced it was increasing its grant for the four-year cycle leading up to the next Games in Beijing in 2022.

BSS will receive £6.75 million to prepare for Beijing, up from the £5 million it received ahead of Pyeongchang:

According to the annual report and accounts, the organisation's income from sponsorship, donations and fund-raising more than tripled in the year to April 2018, up from £423,071 the previous year to £1,543,692.

Most of that rise comes from donations.

So far, so good.

But Vicky Gosling says world-class status doesn't come cheap.

Investment is needed not only to provide the best training facilities and coaching at home and in the mountains, but for medical and rehabilitation facilities, research and innovation, marketing... the list goes on.

And she's "surprised" - read disappointed - that her squads of skiers and snowboarders have managed so far to attract only one main sponsor.

Delancey, the real estate investment and advisory company, started out supporting the British Alpine team but has been the headline sponsor of BSS since 2014.

DelanceyBSS main sponsor Delancey











Its support is invaluable but big plans need big money and Vicky Gosling is keen to attract more funding.

She's stepping up efforts to get more recreational skiers and snowboarders to contribute to a fund to help British athletes by making a donation when they book their holidays or buy kit.


Vicky GoslingVicky Gosling on the hunt for more money















And expect her to use her considerable energy to go on the hunt for more corporate sponsors.

Perhaps some will be drawn to the brand new Ski Jumping programme for women that's being planned.

Or the news that GB's record-breaking Paralympians are now part of the same team, following the decision to abolish British Parasnowsport and bring all skiers and snowboarders under the control of BSS.


Vicky Gosling has, by all accounts, impressed those who've encountered her since she set out on her latest high-profile challenge.

"She's a real dynamo," one fan told us before we had the chance to meet her.

It's difficult to disagree with that description.

If anyone can get what British Ski & Snowboard needs to be one of the best, it's probably Vicky Gosling.

Watch the PlanetSKI interview with Vicky Gosling:

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