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So which resorts would you chose for these three pastimes? And why?





Ski fan Heather Thomas proposed to the Facebook Ski Club a fun question, recalling a favourite teenage game (with a ski twist).

The game? Snog, Marry, Avoid.

But instead of being brutal with guys and gals, the question was asked regarding ski resorts.

If you're familiar with the game, you'll remember the thought that went into it - deliberating over fling or a lifelong relationship - and we've kept up with the responses to this amusing dilemma.

Heather Thomas' big ski questionHeather Thomas' big ski question















So let's see what people say about ski resorts around the world, when faced with this deep thinker.

Facebook Ski ClubFacebook Ski Club responses










Here we have a real international batch...

South America, North America, Alps and Highlands.

Facebook Ski ClubTaking in all corners of the ski world















We saw a lot of veto-ing of Bulgaria and France.

And a lot of haters of France with many-a Facebooker avoiding the country as a whole, rather than even naming a particular resort...

Facebook Ski Club Facebook Ski Club










Then again, so many are dreaming of affairs with France's best known.

Facebook Ski ClubFacebook Ski Club














We saw many skiers betrothing themselves to the southern Alps, Serre Chevalier and Briancon in particular.

Up in the Tarentaise Valley, it seemed to be 50-50 for marrying and avoiding Val d'Isere - a Marmite resort, seemingly.

These below are two of our favourite responses:

PlanetSKI's favourite responsesPlanetSKI's favourite responses









Have you got an answer?

Let us know which resort and why to add to this collection.

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