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Man dies in hit & run ski accident.
Monday December 29, 2008 - Email this article to a friend

A 16-year-old Italian knocked down a man and then skied off. He has now handed himself in to the authorities. It raises the whole issue of crowded slopes, control and speed.

The 51-year- old man died from cranial trauma in front of his 12 year old daughter.

Police called off the manhunt around the Italian ski resort of Obereggen after the youth admitted he had knocked down Arthur Lantschner, before fleeing.

The youth, who has not been named, told police on Saturday he briefly lost consciousness in the collision and skied off after seeing other skiers coming to the man’s assistance.

Crowded ski slopesCrowded ski slopesOnly after learning from a news bulletin on television that the man had died did he tell his parents, who called the police.

There seems to be a growing number of collisions on the piste with people going ever faster. 

The pistes are packed in the Swiss resort of Verbier with the holiday crowds and it's the same across the Alps. 

Here's a short video to show you what we mean.

The icy and hard conditions across the Alps at the moment do not help as people have less control.

Also faster lifts mean more people are on the slopes at any given time.

The idea of having so-called “piste policeman” has been floated several times but to a generally luke-warm response. 

In the United States there is far more control over skiers and snowboarders who ski too fast and many have their lift passes taken away by patrollers out on the slopes.

The incident in Italy is set to raise the issue once more.

Speed limit on ski slopesSpeed limit on ski slopesSome resorts like, Grindelwald in Switzerland have special slow zones for skiers and many other resorts have erected fences and barriers in recent years to slow people down on certain sections of the slopes.

For more information on the incident in Italy take a look at

Our content editor, James Cove, has a view in his current blog about people that ski or snowboard out of control.

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