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This is an amazing story about a stray dog that scales the 7,129m Baruntse peak with a climbing expedition.





A 45-pound Nepalese stray dog called Mera, thought to be a cross between a Tibetan Mastiff and a Himalayan Sheepdog, has managed to scale the 7,129m Baruntse peak in Nepal.

And, that's no mean feat.

Baruntse is a mountain in the Khumbu region of eastern Nepal, located just south of the majestic Mt Everest (8,848m).

The question we ask ourselves is why would anyone take a dog on a challenging and potentially treacherous mountain trek?

Well, no one did.

This stray mutt just decided to follow Don Wargowsky up the mountain, all the way to the summit at 7,129m and then, all the way down again.

Don Wargowsky was leading a group of mountaineers from the Kathmandu Summit Climb when the group came across the dog.

She attached herself to Don Wargowsky and spent the following month scaling the Baruntse with him.

He tried tying her up at camp to prevent her from following him up more dangerous terrain, but she managed to break free from the home made collar and leash and continued to follow him.

There were a few tricky moments where Mera needed a little assistance.

At one point on the descent route Mera slipped dangerously on ice but a quick-thinking Wargowsky held on to a fixed line on the mountain with one hand and grabbed Mera with the other as he stopped her from falling 182m.

At another point she had to be helped with a makeshift harness and rappelled 45m down part of the mountain.

Her paw pads were torn on the ice, but she prevailed, but all in all she did it herself.

Read Don Wargowsky's full story here... it's a compelling tale about the bravest powder hound we've ever come across.

Don Wargowsky, Mera & the climbing group on Baruntse 7,129mDon Wargowsky with Mera on Baruntse 7,129m














Mera on a difficult ridgeMera on a difficult ridge














Climbers tailed by MeraClimbers tailed by Mera















Makeshift harness and rappel downMakeshift harness and 45m rappel down














Mera waiting for DonMera waiting for Don





























Difficult terrainDifficult terrain















Mera, who has been renamed Baru, now lives with the expedition’s base camp manager, Kaji Sherpa.

"This is a special dog. She is lucky and brings good luck to us," said Kaji Sherpa.

"She will come to my home and I will feed her good meat at every meal. She will live with me and we well call her Baru, after the mountain that she climbed."

Mera, the world's greatest climbing dog.

Photos: Don Wargowsky Facebook page

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