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What‘s the legal status of seasonal ski workers after 29th March? Can they work to the end of the season? Our latest Brexit guide.

So far we've looked at a number of issues likely to affect skiers and snowboarders after Brexit.

Our purely factual guides assess the state of play as we understand it and according to official advice at the time of writing:

Now we look at an issue affecting those seconded from the UK to work the season in ski resorts.

The chalet staff, resort hosts, bar workers.

It will be a tricky situation for UK tour operators, businesses and their staff there is no deal and if Brexit is not delayed.

Parliament will debate the Brexit again on Tuesday 12th March.

We should know then what will - or will not - happen on 29th.

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Here's the current state of play.


If the UK and the EU manage to agree an exit deal by 29th March, then the situation with regard to seasonaires - those staff working in the EU under the Posted Workers Directive - will remain unchanged.

They can continue to work under the current rules for the remainder of this season and the 2019-2020 season too.

The status quo will remain during the transition period, which will last until at least December 2020, though this could be extended by agreement.

The transition period is intended to give time for negotiations on future rules.


Technically, seasonaires will be working illegally in the EU from 30th March, once the UK is out of the Union.

The Posted Workers Directive will no longer apply which means in many countries, such as France, you will need to have a work permit and to pay the national social security charges to continue to work.

Before anyone panics, it's thought unlikely that any of the EU countries will immediately take enforcement action and press charges.

With only three or four weeks left of the season in most resorts after Brexit, seasonal workers will almost certainly be allowed to continue to work.

UK operators planning to continue as normal will have either made a call on the low risk of prosecution or will have obtained some form of unofficial reassurance that it will not happen.

The lack of an agreement on posted workers will, however, affect those intending to do a summer season or to work a ski season next winter.

We'll have to wait and see what rules each country decides to apply.

PlanetSKI has also published Brexit guidance issued by the ski specialist insurers, MPI Brokers and the Ski Club of Great Britain:

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